LOGO Gorgeously Full Fat small gifWell, some of you already follow Gorgeously Full Fat on Facebook and Twitter, but if you don’t, I’m Sarah. I’m the wrong side of 15 stone, the wrong side of 40 and definitely the wrong side of my overdraft, but I’m lovely anyway…And that isn’t me on the right, by the way. She’s WAY too glamorous.

I’ve been blogging as ‘Queen Simply Be‘ for over five years now, and wanted to swap the whole thing onto WordPress so that I could do more pretty things with it, but it wouldn’t let me. That’ll be why I’ve spent hours this afternoon trying to make a brand spanking pretty new WordPress blog instead. There has been language, but now it’s up and running and I figured out how to get it to do stuff, all is calm.

I’m also a novelist. My first ever book, ‘Viva Voluptuous’ is due out in 2013 and I hope you’ll love it. It was so much fun writing it. It’s the most amazing feeling to call myself a novelist – at the moment my work of art is just a Word document on my computer, about to go into production and get unleashed onto an unsuspecting public. I’m daydreaming about a media frenzy and a battle over who I give the film rights to, but in all honesty I’ll just be so excited when I see it on the shelf at Waterstones that I don’t care if anyone buys it. Oh, who am I kidding. Go buy it, as soon as it’s out, or I’ll sulk.

I’ve been taking advice from one of my favourite bloggers, the wonderful Lisa Lister, creatrix of Sassyology, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m planning to make this blog REAL. So, when I’m having a wobble, I’m not going to sit here and blog away about how fabulous it is to be chubby, because I’ve been there, I’m here right now, and I know you’d think I was talking from my ample derriere if I pretended it was easy. Being fat isn’t ideal, but you have a choice. You can be fat, miserable, unhealthy and on and off every diet that’s out there…or you can accept that you’re never going to be a Victoria’s Secret model, eat well, do a bit of exercise, love yourself anyway and walk around with a smile on your face.

I’m going for the second option – mostly!

We all need a bit of support – especially when we’re planning a wedding! Even fat girls get married and I’m getting hitched to my Mr Right in very early 2014, so expect some bridezilla-style hissy fits, especially when it comes to the whole dress/photo thing. Eep!

That’s the awkward introduction bit over and done with….



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2 responses to “Introduction

  1. I absolutely love the idea for your blog. Kudos to you! I fall in love every time that I see someone being proud of who they are and what they look like. We need more women like that! Wishing you tons of luck with this! You rock!

  2. Thanks so much! It makes me sad to see women hating on themselves just because they are fat. It’s only their body size, and it doesn’t have to define anybody. Curves are in, too!

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