Bored with black?

leggingsOne of the frustrating things about being plus size is that you can never get pretty tights to fit. Well, I can’t. I love all the gorgeous patterned tights in M&S and I hanker after some really funky leggings but if you’re a size 16 or over, it’s just not the done thing to draw attention to your legs, apparently. You can have black 70 denier tights and be grateful for them, young lady!

So, I can’t wait for the launch of Miss Difusa, the brand new International Godsend of a company that are poised to bring floral leggings and super-funky tights to the masses, right up to a size 32. They’re going to be the next big thing in leggings and hosiery, advertising at the first ever London Plus Size Fashion Week on 15th-16th of February too.

Remember where you heard it first and keep an eye out for the launch.

…Follow Miss Difusa on Facebook here: Miss Difusa.



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2 responses to “Bored with black?

  1. Thanks Sarah, we are very excited about launching very soon, hopefully beginning of February. We want to offer good value fashionable tights and leggings. Another thing that makes us different is that we won’t overcharge people as we believe you shouldn’t need to pay more just because it is a plus size item and we feel some other retailers take advantage of this.
    Thanks again and I would let you know when the online shop is fully working! Pat xx

  2. daniellemcallister

    Reblogged this on Paisley, a plus size fashion adventure. and commented:
    I’ve had to resort to making my own but now I have a bunch of candy coloured leggings.

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