Foodie New Year’s Resolutions

glutenWhen people start talking about New Year’s resolutions, the word diet usually crops up. It did for me, for more years than I could count. This year would be the year I sorted myself out, lost weight and got down to <insert weight as appropriate: this usually increased year on year as I got fatter and fatter>

For the last few years I haven’t done that. My overeating still bothered me, but I was in the process of learning to accept myself at whatever size, whatever life threw at me. After spending almost three years on the dating website roundabout, I realised that self-acceptance was harder than I’d anticipated but on the whole I kinda like myself now, chubby bits and all.

My overeating still bugs me sometimes though. I’m occasionally tempted in by the idea of a new diet, even though Sensible Sarah wags her finger and reminds the part of me that’s contemplating Slimming World that last time I tried dieting I developed an unhealthy obsession with cheesey Quavers and gave up after three weeks,

So, this year I’ve really given it some thought and decided to vow:

1. No more diets. OK, I resolved the same last year, but even though I didn’t diet last year, there’s no harm in re-resolving. It’s like re-gifting, only to myself.

2. Really learn to enjoy food. This year I’m going to experiment with recipes and ingredients, and make a point of eating what I enjoy, not just eating for the sake of it.

3. Notice when I’m overeating, don’t beat myself up for it, and let it go. The more I stress about it, the more it happens. We all eat too much sometimes. The logic is…if I notice it and acknowledge it, I can try to prevent it and stop it in its tracks.

4. Eat the foods that help my health and dump the foods that make it worse. OK, I probably won’t completely cut out booze and cutting out coffee is like losing a limb but it’s going to do me good to make anything that irritates acid reflux a very minor part of my diet. So it also means not eating big meals, not eating late and going easy on fatty, salty, spicy foods. After I’ve cooked our Indian feast tomorrow, complete with poppadoms and mango chutney, mini cheesecakes and wine. Well, it’s New Year’s Eve!

5. Get to grips with the fact that I’m just lovely as I am. Not exactly a foodie resolution but it’s a self-perpetuating thing. If you don’t like the body you’re in, you won’t look after it. In ‘Viva Voluptuous’ the heroine starts off with a head full of positive body image but although she talks the talk; she doesn’t really believe in herself. She tries to get her Mojo back after being dumped, through men, work and people pleasing, but …well, you’ll just have to read it!

So, do you have any food-related resolutions or goals? I’d love to know what you’re planning and what you think of mine, too. I can’t wait till 2013!




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3 responses to “Foodie New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Well said Sarah, I completely agree with most of your points. We all overeat sometimes, curry, buffets, parties, birthdays…for me personally there is no point of getting upset about it just try to eat as healthy as possible the rest of the week. Also not everybody has the same metabolism I know If eat a plate of pasta bolognese I put 4lbs when my sister eats double and she is slimmer. I see really skinny girls in my office snacking really unhealthy, and my bestfriend who weights around 9st has colesterol because even though she is slim she eats terrible stuff. So you know the most important thing is to accept the way we are without forgetting on taking care so weight loss/gain doesn’t affect our healt.

  2. And I forgot the most important thing ENJOY food.

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