Real Women

Real womenI’m going to be on a mission in 2013.

The mission? Well, apart from changing the world one way or another, making it perfectly OK to be fat, educating people that you can be healthy AND overweight and that fat girls do exercise…

I want to challenge the idea that a FAT or CURVY woman is a REAL woman.

Of course, used in that context it sounds daft. Fat woman are real women, obviously. It’s not usually used in that context though. It’s used to put down slim women. It’s used in the media stoked battle between overweight people and slim people, and it’s been adopted by curvy girls as a mantra to beat their skinny sisters with.

“We’re real women!”

I don’t want to see any more fat-vs- thin nonsense, please. You do all know that the battle was invented by the media anyway, don’t you? It’s in their interest to keep us big girls on diets, promote Weight Watchers and then pretend they are on ‘our side’ with headlines announcing that so-and-so is a real woman because she’s over a size 16. It’s blatant, girlfriend, and it’s designed to keep YOU reading their magazines and newspapers so that while you see their declarations about fat girls being the next big (ahem) thing, you also see the images of skinny actresses and the constant adverts for diets. And the reports about how obesity kills more people than…well, anything, really.

So we pick up the paper because we see the ‘real women’ headlines, get sucked in by the diets after reading the stories about skinny actresses, and the advertisers are happy. As are the people who make ££s from selling their magazines and newspapers. The people who lose out are us women, made to feel bad for being fat AND for being thin all at the same time.

Don’t fall for it. We are all real. We are all women. And we are all just as good as each other.

Happy 2013!



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4 responses to “Real Women

  1. Hey Sarah

    I couldn’t agree more 🙂 A persons body belongs to them and only them. No one else has a right to dictate what someone should do with their body and yes women can be pitched against each other. Guilt. That’s what;s played upon, we can feel guilty that we are overweight and guilty that we are slim and still want to change our bodies. Once we are ready to reclaim our bodies, learn how to listen to our own unique messages, change our relationship to food from within and learn how to trust our bodies again we won’t need to give our power away to outside sources. Instead we can use external information to our advantage rather than being slaves to the next fad diet. Peace with our bodies can be the beginning of a beautiful relationship 🙂 Full steam to your mission! xxx

    • Thanks Cara! It makes me sad to see/hear so many amazing women do themselves down over their weight – either way – when they have so many other things going for them. We’re only made to feel bad about our bodies because it makes money. What’s more, for big women, if you don’t like yourself as you are, why would you look after yourself? I recjon once we all start accepting we are what we are, maing the most of it and taking care of it, excess weight, overeating and starving ourselves won’t be a problem.

  2. Awesome, Sarah, I applaud you for taking this stand against media-fuelled sizism in either direction! I battled eating disorders as a teenager and all through my twenties, and I learned the hard way that diets lead into a vicious circle and undermine confidence, and the way to changing anything (be it our bodies, our health, or whatever) is to first accept ourselves the way we are…
    Keep up the great work, sista! ❤
    Much love,

  3. Thansk so much Sibylle. It just seems so pointless setting women against each other because of their body size. Well, it’s ridiculous for any reason but I hate the skinny-bashing as much as the fat-bashing. If we were all allowed to just *be* it would be much nicer for everyone.

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