My Big Fat Beautiful Wedding

So, my beloved proposed to me on Christmas Day. He did this dressed in a child-sized mole costume and it took me a little while to wedding cakecompose myself, not so much because I was overcome by emotion, but because I was laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face.

Of course, I said yes. If you’re wondering, the mole suit was in honour of his affectionate nickname ‘Moley’ which he earned through being rather fond of sleeping and looking very confused and mole-esque when he emerges from his slumber.

So I have a bee-yoootiful sparkly ring and a head full of plans, as we’re getting married next January. That’s right, in 12 months I will be a married woman, so the bridezilla train is in full steam. The trouble is, the thought of the actual wedding and pretty dress, although I’m really looking forward to marrying the daft sod, is tinged with a bit of “Oh God, there will have to be photos.”

I give it out about being plus sized and body positive but the thought of getting dressed up in a posh frock and having everyone looking at me when I’m this size does fill me with a horrible fear of looking like a loo roll holder, or just feeling distinctly out of place. Yes, I’m 100% getting myself back to the gym, making the most of the distinct lack of paid work I have at the moment, but what if that’s not enough? I don’t want to go all scary bride but I’m supposed to look gorgeous on my wedding day and if I’m honest, I’m not actually sure that I will.

If I said that toPretty Pear Brides Moley, he’d give me that ‘Don’t be so daft woman’ look, give me a hug and tell me I’m beautiful. And on the plus side, there are some really gorgeous, flattering designs for plus-size wedding outfits. And I came across a whole magazine dedicated to plus size brides yesterday. Even so…the pressure is on…

If you’ve got any advice for a chubby bride-to-be, mostly on NOT PANICKING I’d love to hear it!



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3 responses to “My Big Fat Beautiful Wedding

  1. Miss Sarah – I felt exactly the same, I work with women to love the skin they’re in, but the idea of having to have pix taken and for all the attention to be on me was mucho scary. I had two options a grecian style number and a full on number that I NEVER thought I’d wear in a million years.
    Needless to say I wore the latter.
    I was marrying the man I loved and the man I loved had asked to marry me – it wasn’t size dependent, it was love dependent and as long as there is that in total and utter abundance, you could walk down the isle in a paper bag.
    I got married two weeks ago and looking back over the photos all I can see is happiness and love, in our faces and in our guests faces. Yep, the dress was pretty but in the grand scheme o’ things, pretty inconsequential…


    L x

  2. HI my advice is choose a dress that you really love and that you feel comfortable not tight or stupid. When you are plus size like I am sometimes the fear or not finding the dress makes you take stupid decissions like buying the one that fits you…look and look and look until you find the one you really love and it will flatter your figure for sure.
    Anyway don´t forget in your wedding day you are the star and you will be surrounded by people who loves you and your husband to be that obviously adores you the way you are.
    Keep up with the good work (or not) and i m sure you will look fantastic. xx

  3. You’re both lovely! Lisa, you looked amazing in your wedding pics, I know what you mean! I think I was having a bit of a wobble, just because people keep asking me about the dress and I’m thinking “La la la not listening, there aren’t really going to be lots of pictures of me in a dress, are there?” I know I’ll be fine…I’m marrying the man I love, how could that NOT be a good thing? 🙂

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