I’ve won a Liebster Award!

I never win anything – but now I’ve been nominated for a cool Liebster award!
So what do I have to do?-  Link back to the person who nominated you – done, go follow http://plussizemillard.blogspot.co.uk/
– Write 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions written for you!- Make up 11 new q’s and nominate 11 other bloggers! Here goes lovelies…
11 Random facts about Me
1.I’m allergic to peanuts
2.I was once a Trading Standards Advice Officer
3.I have a pair of Jimmy Choos which I won for 12p in an auction.
4. I detest onions
5.I put Marmite on EVERYTHING
6.I can’t sleep if there’s a light on or a noise I don’t recognise
7. I have to sniff clean laundry before I put it away.
8. My second cousin is Petula Clark
9.I’m addicted to Bubble Island on Facebook
10.I used to play chess competitively (until I moved schols aged 12)
11.I wanted to be a fashion designer all through school and my favourite programme EVER is The House of Eliott, which I have on Box Set!
Answers to my 11 Questions…
1) Three Items you would take to a desert island?
  • Kindle
  • iPod
  • Vaseline Lip Balm
2) Favourite Lipstick?
Loreal Colour Riche in various shades -depends on my mood
3) Favourite Meal?
My home made chilli is a bit of a winner. It’s a Nigella recipe 🙂
4) Leggings or Jeans?
Leggings. Multi purpose legwear
5) Why did you start your blog?
Originally started as ‘Queen Simply Be’ in 2007. I wanted to talk positively about plus size fashion and issues!
6) Describe your style?
7) Describe yourself in three words?
Determined, loyal, affectionate
8) What is your favourite book?
Last year? Fiction = “Me before you” by Jojo Moyes. Non Fiction = “SASSY” by Lisa Clark
9) Where’s the best place you’ve travelled to?
Australia. It has tame kangaroos. And Quokkas.
10) Whats the Best Beauty product you have discovered since blogging?
Clairins Water Purity One Step Cleanser. I. Love. It.
11) Do you have any Tattoos?
 I nominate…
Keris Stainton: @keris    http://dellasays.wordpress.com
Lisa Clark: @lisaclark  http://www.sassyology.com
Jenny Jameson @fuckthediets · http://www.fuckthediets.com/
Donna: @donnaonthebeach  http://www.donnaonthebeach.com
Heather @heatherbestel  http://www.HeatherBestel.com
Leonie Dawson @leonie_dawson http://leoniedawson.com
Denise Duffield Thomas @deniseDT http://www.LuckyBitch.com
Blessing Manifesting @spiritblessing http://www.BlessingManifesting.com
Bettina @beautyswot http://BeautySwot.com
Cara @wildblisslive http://www.wildbliss.co.uk
OK now for 11 Questions I’d like you all to answer:
1. What’s your favourite blog post you’ve written yourself and why?
2. Who would you like to play you in the movie of your life?
3. Who’s your most famous celeb Twitter follower?
4. What’s your greatest achievement in life?
5. If you could interview anyone, living, dead or even imaginary for your blog, who would it be?
6. What song do you play when you’re feeling blue, to cheer you up?
7. What’s your comfort food or meal?
8. Which book do you really wish you had written?
9. What are the three things you would rescue from your home if it was about to be flooded? (not people…)
10. What’s your ideal way to spend a day off?
11. What did you really think when you found out you’d been nominated?


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2 responses to “I’ve won a Liebster Award!

  1. Thank you for nominating me! xxx

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