I’ve just pitched an idea to Grazia!

Kate-Moss-GraziaUK-January-2013OK, so I’m a big chicken. I’m scared of pitching feature ideas to ed-girls because I’m not so good at being ignored.

But I passionately believe that plus-size fashion and size acceptance are going to be hot trends in 2013, and to back this up I’ve just pitched an idea for a column/feature to Grazia.

I used to read Grazia religiously until I became disillusioned with the constant diet articles and fashion features that completely left me cold. I know a lot of curvy girls feel the same way about fashion magazines and refuse to buy them on principle. Since the demise of ‘Beautiful’ there’s nothing left for big girls anymore, so last night I was talking to some fellow plus size girlriends who thought I should create my own plus-size positive magazine. They were pretty damn convinced that it would fly off the shelves.

I wish I had the time, money and patience to create something like that! But I do have masses of ideas and creativity, and a passion for the subject…so I decided to go for broke and pitch an idea to one of the most upmarket fashion magazines there is. I’ll keep you posted on my progress…



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10 responses to “I’ve just pitched an idea to Grazia!

  1. I was just thinking how I needed a magazine like that today!

  2. YAY! Can’t wait to hear how this goes.

  3. Wow! congratulations on a great idea and courageous action! You go girl! xxx

    • Thanks honey – haven’t had a reply yet but at least I tried. Now I do at least have a pass promised for press day for London Plus Size Fashion Weekend so at least I can get there…

      • Just out of curiosity, how long do they take to respond to a pitch? I have no idea, but I’m just thinking if you pitched it last week, you might yet get an answer… Whether you do or not, love your determination to keep going with the idea anyway! xxxx

      • I don’t know, they’ve ignored every pitch I’ve ever sent them, except a few years ago when they said the idea wasn’t for them and then a startlingly similar idea appeared sometime later…I’ll keep going 🙂

      • Oh how irritating! Well, at least you know your ideas are good! 😀 xx

  4. godmotherwitchy

    That sounds wonderful, I hope they do it just might take a bit. If you want to still do a magazine I know a lady that does a really beautiful on-line one through http://issuu.com That might be something to check out too.
    Hugs and sparkles

  5. Thank you all!! I didn’t get a reply from Grazia (of course) so I pitched it again but had no reply either. So sod it, I’m going to the LPSFW and getting LOADS of contacts. Then I’m going to use them to start a plus size section in Insired, then use that to springboard my own e-zine.If I can get enough people reading that, I’ll see if I can get people to pay to subscribe, and once I can prove it’s a success I will go to the print publishers and the bank with a business plan and see if I can get it off the ground.

  6. You should write for The Vagenda, better writing than Grazia and Body Positive x

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