Business CardI’m always coming up with bright ideas – and with the help of my gorgeous, very supportive and actually rather clever fiance, I came up with another one last night.

How many of you have given up looking at glossy magazines because they just don’t have anything for you? Page after page of fashion designed for slim women, showcased on models that are quite possibly a size you haven’t been since Take That were on their first incarnation, and airbrushed into near-perfection (albeit with a few anomalies that make you giggle).

Me too. I adore fashion, I mean really love it, but when I see magazines exclude me from their fashion offering, it makes me feel as if they’re telling me I’m not the sort of person they want associated with their magazine, and they aren’t interested in my custom. Well, fine, I’m not really that bothered, and with the prices of glossies at the moment being a bit ridix as well, I can’t say that I lose much sleep over it.

I used to read ‘Beautiful’ which was produced by the talented Miss Sue Thomason, but I haven’t seen it in a while, so I got to thinking – what if I tried to do something like that myself? Would people read it?

The feedback I’ve had so far has been good, and one thing I definitely want to take on board is that if I want to appeal to woman who feel excluded from mainstream media, I don’t really want to make the magazine totally for, and focussed on, fat. Or plus size fashion and issues. I’d have to make it something that would appeal across the board but which had a definite focus on feelgood subjects, include plus size fashion and NO DIETS EVER.

I also hit upon the idea of doing a trial run as a section of Inspired Magazine – which would work really well as I’m the editor! If I get my research done (I will be going to London Plus Size Fashion Weekend, even if the PR is ignoring my requests for a press pass) I can make some contacts and get some great material for the magazine.

I’ll be plotting and scheming to come up with some great ideas for articles, and I’m really, really interested in your opinions. What would you like to see in a magazine that caters for all sizes? More/less fashion? Beauty? Pop psychology? Relationships? Food?

My plan is to get to grips with some of the free DTP software online and see if I can make a few electronic trial issues – see how they go and then approach people about making a print copy. But hey, I’m getting ahead of myself already…

PS: You can give me some feedback on what you’d like to see here…



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5 responses to “Help!

  1. Voted! I love, love, love the idea 🙂 And I think the time is ripe for it. Go, Sarah!!

  2. Thanks Sibylle…I might have to change it up slightly, because I think Beautiful is still around and I can’t compete with an established, print magazine. I’m doing this all blind, really struggling to get much interest to be honest.

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  4. Just want to say hey, great idea! Hehe. I had the same idea about 17 years ago. It was an argument that made it reality. My dream was to have a magazine designed around fat people. Flash forward to 2011/12 and after a fight with my ex I was pushed into making this idea a realitity. Unfortunately, the first website didn’t go over so well. I rushed things, did very little research and the entire format was a bust.

    A year later I got tired of being depressed and decided to give it a 2nd go. Behold, LLiA, Living Large in America. We have been building the site for several months now and have come a long way from the old one. Everyone who works on the project is plus sized. From my webmaster to the editor we all share a common thread.

    Unfortunately, I’m not a writer (I’m sure you could destroy this message for grammer). I have for months been searching for plus size fashion bloggers, food bloggers, content writers, you name it. In the end I have settled with one editor and writer as that’s all I can afford on my disability and fixed income.

    Check out the website. We share a common dream. I have had many influential people tell me this is a great idea and should be done. My dream is to one day have an printed publication. There is only one slight difference between your idea and mine. While the website does NOT encourage or support weight loss of any kind it does however encourage being healthy both mentally and physically. I have hundreds of friends who are all obease and try to live a healthy lifestyle. I want to help destroy the stigma that fat people are lazy and fat people are, well, fat.

    So we do from time to time publis articles to help people make healthy descisions. Like one article we have up is “bad foods that aren’t that bad” it talks about chocolate, nuts, and more. Things we beat our selves up for eating when we binge diet but we should and should feel good when we go grab a jerseys bar lol.

    Another one is excercizes that are good for you. We talk about a hand full of things like yoga and swimming to help keep your heart strong and body strong. But these are all low intensity low impact. So you really don’t lose weight just strengthen your mind and heart.

    I want this website to be world wide. We started in America since its a market I know. I’d love to branch out but I can’t run a market over seas. There has to be someone there who knows what chubby people there enjoy.

    The numbers:
    In America there are approx. 1.138 million people who have a bmi over 40. These number are as of 2010. Another 1.1 million that are considered overweight at all.

    As of 2008 over 1.4 billion people world wide 20 and over we’re considered overweight.

    Can you imagines website, the only website of its kind for these 1.4 billion people to turn to? Yea, exactly.

    Listen, just check out my website and please e-mail me or calle directly. We could set up a google meeting or Skype meeting or what not.

    I know with the right bloggers and people this can be a million member website and not only show the world that fat people are here but we know how to live, support ourselves and be healthy while maintaining our weight

    We are big, we are bold, we are beautiful.

    Anthony Roberts
    CEO / owner
    Living Large in America

    • Thanks so much, and I love what you’re doing! The only thing I have to say is that Beautiful, which I’m now starting work on, will be INCLUSIVE. It won’t be exclusively for plus size, although we will include plus size fashion and issues. I don’t know abut the US but in the UK there’s an increasing nastiness about very slim people too, accusing them of being ‘stick insects’ and saying only ‘curvy women are real women’. That also has to stop and the ethos I want to promote is that we are ALL real women, we all deserve to be healthy and happy and not excluded by virtue of our size and weight.

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