Gorgeous People, Awesome Blogs

I know, that ‘awesome’ word gets used waaay too much, but I think it kinda fits in with this post.write something

It wasn’t until I started getting into blogging myself back in 2007 that I realised just how many people are out there writing their hearts out in an effort to brighten up our day, share their finds and let us in on their worlds. Fast forward to 2013 and the ‘Blogosphere’ has expanded so much that there’s something there for everyone, and some of the positive and plus size blogs are just amazing.

I’ll be honest, there are so many that I can’t even begin to follow and read every single one, but I thought I’d pick out a few of my gorgeous girl pals who I feel I already kinda know through their blogs, Twitter feeds and Facebook pages. Sometimes I even know them properly!

The Curvy Fashionista: Marie Denee is a sassy fashion expert from the US who knows what makes curvy girls look sensational. Even though it’s an American blog, it’s a fabulous read and there are sections on body image, reviews, plus size designers and celebrity style. It’s definitely worth adding to your blog roll for a bit of inspiration and oomph if you’re feeling flat. And you should see Marie – she’s GORGEOUS.

This one is for the days when you feel a bit ranty, a bit fed up with fat-phobia and you want some ‘Hell Yeah’. Sign up to the website and you get a weekly email telling you why you should F*** the Diets, as well as an insight into the lovely Jen’s world, which sounds like a whole lot of fun to me. One of these days I’m going to make it down to Brighton and we WILL go for that drink.

If you love your fashion curvy and with a hefty sprinkle of individuality, you’ll love Hanna, who describes herself as a ‘Thirty Something Finnish Fat Girl’. She’s in charge of The Wardrobe Challenge, where she models the contents of her wardrobe as part of her challenge to wear everything in said wardrobe at least once. This challenge has been compounded by the fact that she keeps getting sent extra clothes to wear because her blog is so cool. I really love this one and I especially love her ‘Shop the Look’ at the end of every outfit post.

Not strictly about curvy girls but a surefire way to raise your sass to deafening volumes and work it, baby is Sassyology. I’ve had a bit of a girl crush on Lisa Clark (now Lister, since she married her hot Viking) ever since we met and she really is the go-to girl when you’re having a grumpy day and need a glitter-sprinkled kick up the behind!

I didn’t know whether to include this one or not…I do follow CeCe’s adventures on The Big Girl Blog as a Plus Size Princess in NYC, but she does talk about diets a bit. She also talks about a lot of good stuff as well, and she’s always entertaining, so I think she’s going to have to go in…

What Patty Difusa Loves is a fairly new blog but I’m keeping my eye on it because I think Patty is lovely, and because I know she’s bringing out a much-needed selection of leggings and tights for non-standard sized backsides very, very soon. Watch this space as I’ve been promised a pair to model for you (eek) but I reckon I’ll be dipping into my protesting overdraft to get me some of THAT. Patty also has the advantage of being invited to London Plus Size Fashion Weekend, and has promised to guest blog for Gorgeously Full Fat when she gets back – no, they still won’t give me the press pass, the rotters.

Finally, what’s not to love about Lauren, the Pocket Rocket? She’s a pretty well established fashion blogger and I really love her style. Her blog is packed with photos of Lauren wearing the latest looks, putting together outfits that look really funky and as she says, she’s ‘Fat but patently NOT unfashionable’. She’s an advocate of Health at Every Size, but the blog is fun and fashion-focused so there’s no political ranty stuff on there if that turns you off.

That’ll do for starters…There are so many great blogs that I couldn’t possibly mention them all, but these are some of the main blogs I keep up with…if you’ve got any recommendations for any more, let me know. Enjoy…




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4 responses to “Gorgeous People, Awesome Blogs

  1. Thanks for the mention Sarah, you are so lovely and a star, 2013 is your year I am sure of it!! And of course you get to model a pair of tights/leggins, as soon as the website is up and running you are free to choose!! xx

  2. Thanks sweetie – wishing you SO much luck with Miss Difusa, it’s a brilliant idea! 🙂

  3. I have just started blogging about my change from serial dieter to a super sassy, super awesome, plus sized, ‘rocking those curves’ diva. I have been inspired by the one and only Lil Miss Clarky Pants. xx

  4. *takes a bow* why thank you! As soon as it’s up, let me know, I’ll be a-reading it, lady!

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