Feel Good Friday

It’s Feel Good Friday today. Officially, Feel  Good Friday is a day that’s supported by The Samaritans, and if you take a peep at the Scarlett Janewebsite it’s full of big and bright ideas for ways to brighten up your office or organise an event. But I don’t see why it should be confined to those of us who work with other people, and I don’t see why we can’t all embrace the feel good vibes and have a freaking fabulous Friday.

So, what sort of thing can you do to make yourself extra specially fabulous today? I mean RIGHT NOW?

I reckon you should go away and make a list. I’ll give you a few ideas of the things that might appear on my list, and you have complete freedom to say “Nah, that’s a bit lame” or “I fancy me a bit o’that!”

And then you can think of some things for YOU.

1. Avoid the news. All day. That means SKY News, TV news, newspapers, the Mail Online (especially the Mail Online). If you can’t trust yourself, you need Tea and Kittens. Kitten Block cleverly diverts you every time you try and click on a Daily Mail link, and gives you a picture of kittens instead. With tea. It’s ace!

2. Pick a film that NOBODY else wants to see except you. Go and see it on your own. If you feel the urge, buy a bag of popcorn or pick & mix and indulge your inner child. You do NOT have to have a plus one for the cinema!

3. Make up a playlist for your MP3 player or on Spotify, or even go old skool and make a mix tape/CD. Put all of your favourite songs on it and either dance around the room like a nutty woman when nobody is looking OR stick your MP3 player on, and go for a really long walk. Either way do NOT let yourself be distracted by phones, work or other people. just really listen to the music and enjoy it.

4, Do you have kids? If so, take them out to the park, to the ducks, or even just out in the garden and play with them. Chase them around, tickle them, play hide and seek and generally make them (and you) laugh. A lot. We don’t laugh enough as adults, that’s why we have things like ‘Laughter Therapy.’ And kids.

5. Eat *whatever* you like. Go on. If you’re on a diet, throw caution to the wind. The only proviso is you have to really enjoy it. No shovelling it down and looking over your shoulder to see if anyone’s watching. Just eat, enjoy and smile. If you need help with this, my recommendation is to watch “Eat Pray Love” on DVD and see how Julia Roberts gets on in Rome. Makes me hungry just to think about it!

6. If you don’t already have a Pinterest account, get one. set yourself up a few dream boards. None of them, just for today, is allowed to be “When I am thin” although pretty clothes and fashion images are allowed. You might even want to try setting up a curvy images board like this one: Curvalicious Body Images. Look at THAT whenever someone tells you that big girls can’t be sexy. Or just dream…think up your perfect home and scout for furniture. Look for amazing art, pretty shoes, gorgeous food pics (there are a lot of cupcakes on Pinterest), whatever floats your boat. Lose yourself in daydreaming about things you love looking at. Them make sure you come back to it and add to it.

7. Spread the love. If you think your workmate looks sensational, tell her. Or him. Compliment your Dad on the DIY he’s proud of. Tell your Mum she’s amazing. Smile at people in the street. Chat to the girl on the Boots counter about, well, anything really. The more positivity you chuck out there, the more will come back your way and you know what, it feels great when you make someone’s day.

8. Do something you keep putting off because you haven’t got time. Book that hair cut (guilty as charged), paint your nails, read the book you were bought for Christmas, watch the DVD. Try that recipe you keep meaning to have a go at. Call the friend you promised to call three months ago. The only rule is it has to be something nice, and it can’t be housework, DIY or work related. It’s got to be for YOU.

9. Read feelgood websites and blogs. Try some bad-ass Sassyology or some Goddess-y goodness from Leonie. Or join the Goddess Circle and find loads (and I mean loads) of totally free things to download, links to some amazing, uplifting blogs and some fabulous women to chat to.

Some of these things are fabulously free, others you might have to splash some cash, but they should all make you feel GOOD. And that’s what Feel Good Friday is all about…I’d love to know what you did to make yourself feel fantastic today…




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4 responses to “Feel Good Friday

  1. Well i don’t watch the news anyway so that’s one down (far too depressing for lil ole me), I LOVE pininterest & am finding adding images to my ‘rock those curves’ board a real inspiration on a flumpy day. I have absolutely loads of books that i haven’t read yet, they’re on my ‘to do’ list…..honest! I’m going to be popping to W’spoons for a cheap and cheerful lunch & am going to be making something sparkly for myself later this afternoon! It’s all good!

  2. That’s brilliant! I know I get really addicted to Pinterest once I start 🙂 Gotta love Wetherspoons too, we have a really posh one with a big open fire and I spend loads of time in there nursing a coffee and reading books on my Kindle 🙂

  3. Feel good Friday! Love it – I’ve spent the afternoon catching up on lovely blogs like yours! In a minute going to take the time to meditate (which I’ve been meaning to do all day), then have a laugh with friends tonight! woohoo! Happy Friday! x

  4. Let’s see, I did #4 and 9# which is pretty good since most of my day was a frumpy, getting-over-being-sick kind of day. The rest are great reminders. Happy weekend!

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