Does this book make me look fat?

Well, does it?BridgetJones

Hot on the heels of the frankly fantastic news that another Bridget Jones book is due out in November, was a report I saw online saying that reading about super-skinny heroines or women hating on their bodies in chick-lit can make us mere mortal readers feel bad about ourselves. Really? I kid you not.

Apparently, a study by Virginia Tech University found that women felt ‘significantly’ less sexually attractive when reading about slim characters, and when the protaganist suffered from low self-esteem, readers started to get more stressed about their own weight.


That’s got to be bad news for most chick-lit writers, well the sort that obsess about the skinny, glamorous girls who get upset about putting a couple of pounds onto their enviable size ten bodies.

Hey, but it’s great news for me! Because that must mean that reading about curvy girls who love their bodies and are having a fabulous time will make women everywhere feel great about their less-than-perfect selves. Just one more excuse for me to get on with it and write the freaking book…



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2 responses to “Does this book make me look fat?

  1. Write the freakin book already!!!

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