Get your legs out!

I promised to keep you updated about the launch of Miss Difusa

.. and at last the tights are here.

I apologise for the terrible photo, being photogenic isn’t one of my talents, but these are the 20-26 pink heart tights and I was lucky enough to be sent a review pair.


They are great quality, only £6.30 which is pretty damn good for fashion tights, nice and thick and the pattern doesn’t fade out at the top as the thighs expand. They felt a bit tight at the top around my hips; I wear a size 22 normally but I am probably a generous 22 on the hips and a lot of jeans and tights feel a bit tight on my bum. I think they’re pretty true to size.

They’ll look great on a night out and it makes such a difference not to be stuck with plain black lycra so a big ‘Yay’  to Miss Difusa.

If you’re going to London Plus Size Fashion Weekend the lovely ladies behind Miss Difusa will be there so pick yourself up a pair…



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2 responses to “Get your legs out!

  1. OMG you look fabulous love them!! Thanks for reviewing them Sarah, you are a star!! So glad you like them. xo xo

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