London Plus Size Fashion – Update

Carolyn de la Drapiere

As I might have mentioned before, I tried to get an invite to the press day for London Plus Size Fashion Weekend. But I couldn’t.

One blogger who did make it through the hallowed doors of Beach Blanket Babylon was Patty, creator of Miss Difusa. She very kindly agreed to tell us all about it!

Patty said, “I arrived at the stunning venue in Shoreditch just in time and I was lucky to meet Becky (from ‘Does my blog makes me look fat?’) by the ube station, and Sharon aka Big Fat Betty who came to our rescue and walked to the venue with us.
The Beach Blanket Babylon restaurant in Shoreditch was gorgeous. We waited there for a few minutes for the whole team of bloggers and photographers to arrive, and everybody was really welcoming and friendly. I felt very comfortable.

While waiting for an hour downstairs for the upstairs show to be ready, I had the opportunity to speak to all the lovely ladies like Nefferth (from Mode Plus), Susie (from Cupcake and Pearls) and the beautiful bombshell that owns the Coco Curve Boutique – check out the fabulous denim jackets  in her online shop, she was wearing one on Friday and they look great.

Patty with Becky and Sharon
Sarah (who works for Evolve magazine and organised the bloggers meeting) was very friendly and gave me her email so I could send her any live blogging later on. I wrte a blog late on Friday night and by Saturday my blog was uploaded on the Evolve magazine website.

One of my highlights and a lovely surprise was getting to meet Marcy Guevara who I adore and have been following for months, I wasn’t aware she was coming to the event all the way from California so I did behave like a groupie when I saw her walking into the restaurant. I was lucky enough throughout the event to get to talk to her several times about everything from fashion to family and we had pictures taken together too.

After an hour we made our way upstairs and we soon realised that the space wasn’t great for the amount of people attending but I guess that’s just one these things when you organise such a big show. Thankfully, I had a drink and a cupcake in my hand so the heat was bearable (I am Spanish and therefore used to the heat). I have heard lots of criticism about the venue, including that it wasn’t accessible for anyone with a disability, but I’m sure this will be improved with time.

Inside I also got to meet more bloggers, models and the stunning Velvet D’Amour (check amazing magazine).

Patty and Velvet




I’ve been to many press events in my short life because I work in media/marketing, so it wasn’t a press event as a such as nobody explained what was going to happen the following day, although we did get a sneak peek of some of the designs on a ‘homemade’ catwalk. The room was a bit crammed at that stage but thanks to being short (yeahh!) I managed to stay in and watch the whole show.

All in all, it was a good day for networking, socialising and spreading the word about Miss Difusa.


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  1. What fun! Sounds like something you WILL be doing next year. 😀

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