Truth or Dare

Is it possible to want to lose weight while still keeping the faith for the full-figured community?honest

I think so. But it’s taken me freaking ages to work up the courage to post this. Spurred on by Sassyology’s Lisa and her advice to show up and let your heart do the talking, I’m doing just that.

I’m ‘fessing up…I’ve been fasting. You know the 5:2 thing? There are loads of blogs, and books on it now. Well, after a bit of cajoling from my Mum, who is also doing it, I agreed to give it a go. And you know what, I’m finding it pretty easy most days. I’ve lost a li’l bit of weight, nothing major, and I feel good on it. I want to keep doing it because it’s the kind of thing I can do without having to change my whole life, and turn down party invitations. I do like me a party.

I also like the fact it’s not an enormous big business money-making venture. You don’t have to buy special foods, you don’t even have to buy a book unless you want to know the science bit. You can just go online and Google The Fast Diet and there you are, instructions for free. I’d feel way more hypocritical if I started telling you how great Weight Watchers is. Like that’s ever gonna happen.

I procrastinated about telling people because I felt like I was being disrespectful to the plus size lovelies who read my blog. But then, I will *always* be plus size. I’m not going to be doing anything radical, I’m happy being curvy, I just want to try and get shot of my acid reflux. That’s it, really. Waking up feeling like your breastbone is on fire every morning can get a girl down. Sore knees are also tiresome but I can fix them with a bit of gym, walking and some Davina workouts. The acid-y stuff? Not so much. The nasty doctor lady has sent me to the hospital and in two weeks I have to have a camera down my throat. Not gonna lie, I am bricking it.

So, if I can get shot of the acid and just feel a bit better, that will be lovely. Of course, looking pretty in a wedding dress is also a bonus, and I defy any bride-to-be not to get the frights when thinking about wedding photos.

I promise faithfully that I won’t try and convert anyone to fasting, become a diet bore or keep updating you about my weight loss, ‘cos that’s just REALLY dull. So, there you are. It’s out there. Wish me luck!


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  1. I think you have to do whatever makes you happy. Good luck x

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