The Fast Diet – an update


Hmm. I bet you can’t guess what I’m about to confess?

I’m not doing it any more.

Actually, the fasting days were no bother; I was a paragon of virtue and on all the days I planned to fast on 500 calories a day, I did. So from that point of view, for two months I at least demonstrated some semblance of willpower, and a determination to finally nail this diet malarkey. Which I spend all my time informing people doesn’t actually work.

So, why did I stop? Well, the problem wasn’t the fasting days, it was the in-between days. The blurb of the book says that the Fast Diet isn’t suitable for anyone who has had an eating disorder, and in my arrogance and enthusiasm to find the wonder diet, I decided that my binge eating disorder (I haven’t got to that point in the life story, maybe over the weekend) wasn’t a REAL eating disorder so it didn’t count.

Only it started to come back, didn’t it? I’d display an iron resolve on fast days and sit with a saintly smile on my face while my dearly beloved scoffed proper food. I’d ignore the hum of the fridge as my tummy rumbled, consoling myself with thoughts of what I was going to eat the next day. And boy did I eat the day after a fast. Not to start with, but as I got more used to it and started to get a bit bored with the limitations of 500 calories a day, I would lie awake the night after a fast and daydream about food. My stomach would taunt me with horrible gurgling noises and I’d feel strangely wired. Probably my brain telling me to stop sleeping and get up and eat something.

So the morning after a fast I was like a Jack springing out of her box. Or would that be a Jill? I’d promise every time to myself that I’d slow down but if it wasn’t nailed down it was fair game. I’d pick all day; something I hadn’t been doing that much before I started fasting. Of course, I wasn’t losing anything either because what I wasn’t eating on a fast day I made up for the following day. Not only that, but I then started eating more on the day before a fast day, telling myself that I had to because I wouldn’t be able to eat it the next day. And that if I didn’t eat it, my other half would.

fast-dietI stopped because it was his birthday, then I had to go for my gastroscopy…and then I just couldn’t face another pre-fast eating session. The last fast I did was a couple of weeks ago, and to be honest I have been a lot more relaxed since. I’ve only really had one day where I’ve eaten in the same way as I did between fasts, and that was because I was incredibly tired and fed up. Just one of those days.

I can see how fasting can work for normal eaters who just want to lose a bit of weight, but my relationship with food is just way too complicated and I don’t want to be bingeing all the time. I’m having a re-think. Do I just accept that I ain’t never gonna lose this darn weight…or try another way?

I’ll have to get back to you on that one…



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7 responses to “The Fast Diet – an update

  1. I think you have to stop thinking you need, must or have to lose weight to be attractive, acceptable, awesome, majestic, gorgeous……………………Love yourself – just as you are right now. Because if you do, then what you weigh won’t matter one little bit. From one serial dieter to another. No amount of weight lost is ever enough. 10lbs, a stone, 21lbs………..we set a small goal, we achieve that goal and yet we still look in the mirror and think bleah. Love yourself and it won’t matter what you see when you look in the mirror, you’ll still be fabulous darling!! xx

  2. I know what you mean about no amount of weight being enough. You start with ‘just a half a stone’ then start imagining the weight dropping off and being slim. Especially with a wedding coming up. Andy just said he’d read this and added, “I just want you to be happy.” Maybe I should listen to him ? 🙂

  3. claudia Olivos

    What Tracey said!
    Love your inner self…. be good to yourself.

    This does include being healthy… so first thing to do: eat a healthy diet.

    I do intermitent fasting (I made up my own schedule based on what i have learned about fasting)- what I do is that four times a week, the days I do power yoga- I don’t eat until after class (that means I eat around 6 or 7pm). Before that, I drink my two teas w/milk in the am (sometimes a coffee), I drink herbal teas all day long and maybe a Miso soup. If I am famished, i eat a soft boiled egg (or two)….
    This works for me.
    That’s key:
    Love YOUrself for all you are
    learn all you can.
    Create a healthy diet that works for you

    blessings from a fellow Goddess

  4. Jo Derrick

    Brilliant post! This is exactly what happened to me when I did the Fasting diet. I’m so pleased to know I wasn’t the only one!! Thank you for your honesty!

  5. Ahhhh, thank you…. Deep sigh. Now I know why I can’t do it either. Fasting seemed like the Holy Grail, but no, it was just another mirage about tinkering with food instead of working out why we use food to self-medicate. Thanks again.

  6. Exactly how it worked for me! I’d go crazy on my eating days 😦

  7. This made me smile. I’ve always thought people who fast (forgive me!) are barmy! Why would you do such a thing?! 😀 I know if I am planning on going back on a diet I have a last blowout of pringles (which I wouldn’t bother with if I wasn’t planning to diet) – it’s very odd how our minds work isn’t it? I agree 100% with what Tracey said – you’re still fabulous and beautiful whatever them scales have to say about it! (and whether you decide to diet again or not!) xx

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