Samantha Brick and the Daily Mail Media Monster

I’m going to start by saying something you probably wouldn’t expect, given that La Brick indirectly called me a failure yesterday by Brick2virtue of my size. I don’t think that she’s as bad as we all think she is.

If I were to write a really good article for the Daily Mail on why it’s perfectly OK to be fat, and how I enjoy my life, have a happy relationship and I’m pretty healthy even at a size 22, you can bet your sweet ass that their journos would twist it so that it poked fun at me, or had me saying that I was a miserable fatty who hated myself and couldn’t run up a flight of stairs if my life depended on it.

Samantha Brick knows she is onto a good thing.  She writes deliberately controversial articles designed to really wind people up. The Daily Mail pays her for this because they KNOW how much it winds people up, so we’ll comment, share on Facebook and Twitter and write blogs about it like this. We’re all at fault, yes, even me.

Sam can’t see that her cash cow will soon get fed up with her, and before they have tired of her “I’m so beautiful” persona, she will have become a one-trick pony and a figure of derision. It’s gonna be a self-fulfilling prophecy, Sam. Keep upsetting everyone and they really won’t like you. And it won’t be because we are all so super-jealous of your looks, it will be because we’re sick to death of hearing about how much better than everyone else you seem to think you are!

I couldn’t possibly be jealous of a woman who thinks it’s OK to buy a house with no kitchen because she’s so terrified of eating. Or that it’s perfectly normal to diet so savagely four times a year that she has no energy to work. Or that her odd-looking husband is totally reasonable when he threatens that if she gains weight he’ll divorce her.

We’ll never agree. I’m an overweight woman who hasn’t got a modicum of self-respect, and who shows every sign of being a failure, stuffed under my size 22 tunic top. But I wonder…who’s really happier….



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2 responses to “Samantha Brick and the Daily Mail Media Monster

  1. She most definately knows how to play her game and that’s what it is to her, a game. A wonderfully fun game where she gets to feel superior and gets paid for it. However, i fear her articles will drive a multitude of already insecure women and young girls down a path of self destruction. How many young females read about her ‘polo diet’ and thought “Oh that’s a good idea, I don’t have to do it for long but it will help me lose weight”? I think this womans views are dangerous and cash cow or not both the Daily Mail AND Sam Brick are irresponsible for publishing such damaging drivel!

    • Yes, it’s all fun because she’s getting her name out there, getting paid for writing rubbish and getting to go on Celebrity Big Brither and feel important. But she’s building up a constructed media image around herself and when her bubble bursts and the Mail are bored with her same-old, she’ll have to deal with the things she’s said…and I can’t imagine she’s going to be able to shake off her giant ego persona. It will bite her on the perfect ass. As for the extreme diets…pah. I truly hope nobody decides that designing houses without kitchens is the solution to the obesity crisis …

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