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Well, I finally did some soul searching at the weekend, and came up with the forty things I want to do in the next decade. My naughty forty list, if you will! I just sat and brainstormed loads of ideas, places I’ve always wanted to see, things I’ve always fancied doing. It put me in a really good mood, actually, coming up with my wish list. If you’re feeling a bit dejected or need a boost, create a life list, a fun to-do list (nothing like ‘must lose two stone’ or ‘pay off credit cards’ allowed…this is no time for being sensible!)

Then, when you feel like you need a boost, cross something off your list! Even if it’s a book you’ve always meant to get around to reading, or a film you missed at the cinema and really meant to watch.


Some of these are little things that probably won’t take too much planning, but some are a bit more ambitious. Some will take me longer – learning Italian and learning to meditate doesn’t happen overnight but it’s something I’ve always meant to do and never quite managed. Putting it down in writing kind of makes it official. It’s the official Sarah Manifesto for the next decade.

It also made me smile when I decided to write a list of all the things I’d done in the last decade…not big scary things like moving house about a zillion times, getting married and then divorced or that kind of thing. But big amazing things like taking the steps to start Relentlessly Positive in 2006; going it alone and becoming freelance; going husky sledding in the Canadian Rockies; feeding tame kangaroos; flying to Australia alone; learning Reiki; trying loads of complementary therapies; going to Champney’s spa at Tring and getting drunk there! (Remember that, Katie?)

Without further ado….here’s the full list: These are the official ones! In the order I thought of them…

1. Learn to speak Italian
2. Go back to Verona
3. Learn to meditate
4. Try belly dancing
5. Get to grips with my hula hoop
6. Bake a cake…properly!
7. See the Northern Lights
8. Go to NYC
9. Dye my hair either red or purple. Or stripes.
10. Sing karaoke in public
11. See the Rocky Horror (I actually have never seen it)
12. Go to a proper fashion show
13. Swim 50 lengths of the local pool
14. Do some Reiki every day
15. Write a book
16. Laern to play chess properly again
17. Go to Edinburgh for Hogmanay
18. Skinny dip in the sea (but not the North Sea)
19. Have my photo taken with someone famous
20. Have my belly button pierced (need a flatter tummy for that one!)
21. Grow a little lavender/herb garden
22.Have a Come Dine With Me week!
23. Stay in an Ice Hotel
24. Go to Iceland (not the Kerry Katona Iceland)
25. Run a marathon
26. Spend a whole weekend or more in London, doing all the tourist things I haven’t done because they’re ‘so touristy’
27. Take my mum on a spa break
28. Find out more about Ipswich – do the ghost walk, see the museums and parks.
29. Adopt an animal
30. Sponsor a child abroad
31. Go to Paris
32. Learn a recipe from each one of my celebrity cook books.
33. Take photos of all the people and places that mean a lot to me – all the time
34. Keep a journal
35. Learn how to mix cocktails
36. Learn to love myself (typical this was number 36 lol)
37. Try one or all of the folowing scary things: ice skating; skiing; snow-boarding
38. Stay up all night and watch the sun come up. Preferably in the summer, and outside.
39. Go back to Glastonbury
40. Trampoline!


Now I just have to pick one….and do it!



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3 responses to “Naughty Forty

  1. I LOVE Karaoke! You’ll have to come sing with me when I’m over that way! It’s awesome!

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