Relentlessly Positive


It’s been a week of ups and downs and revelations. And one of those revelations has been that I need to simplify my life; so I’m going to do it. No excuses, no more procrastination.

I started with work. I dumped the client who was giving me more headaches than overdoing it on Pinot Grigio ever did and since then better opportunities have been sneaking in to plug the gap in my income. I had a bit of a setback, I sniffled a bit and swore a bit, but I’m over it – and I’m following the advice of people like Denise Duffield Thomas (have you downloaded Get Rich Lucky Bitch yet?) and Leonie Dawson and not brooding on it. Much.

I ditched the gym. Yes, you heard that right, although I’m still waiting for the snotty letter saying I have to pay them another six months or something, in which case I might have to rethink. I just wasn’t getting up there enough and I could do with not spending £39 a month on thinking I probably SHOULD go to the gym. I’m walking six miles or more three times a week at the moment and I’ve just started a Zumba class so I think the fitness mafia will forgive me.

Blogs were the next thing to sort out. I started my journey with Relentlessly Positive, a stand alone website that had a forum, a weekly email and all. That was in 2006. In the last seven years, my life has changed a bit, and go has the Interweb, and y’know, it was too much like hard work. I had a blog, also called Relentlessly Positive, and another one called Fat Girls are Fab Too. I decided to change them over to WordPress this year and now I have Gorgeously Full Fat and Relentlessly Positive. But I struggle to keep both of them going and decided a while ago to concentrate on this one; trouble is I miss the old Relentlessly Positive stuff now.

So, I’ve decided to add a Relentlessly Positive section to this blog. If you’d prefer to just see the Gorgeously Full Fat related posts, there will still be plenty of them, but it’s just too much freaking hassle to think about keeping loads of blogs up to date. Next on today’s to-do list is another life story update, so if you’ve been waiting for the next installment…ta dah!

I’ve also enlisted some help with the Gorgeously Full Fat Facebook Page. Facebook, in its infinite ‘let’s grab some more money from people’ wisdom, has changed its way of showing links and posts on a page. So if I post a link to this blog later, a fraction of the people who are following the page will actually get to see it, unless I want to contribute more money to mark Zuckerberg’s fortune. How nuts is that? If you’re a page ‘liker’, the only surefire way round it if you want to see blog posts as they appear is to follow the blog too. You can get it sent to you by email, if that’s what you want. Then you won’t ever miss my musings on fat, fashion, fun and the world…


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