Getting fatter and going on every diet known to woman


The next few years were a bit dull, really.

I slowly gained weight, and went on even more diets. The most exciting thing that happened to me in 2003 was probably RSI. I had seven months off work and was bored witless, but I did manage to find a very cute osteopath (I never told Husband #2 he was cute, he probably would have stopped me going) and I also trained in Reiki Level 2 that year. I took two more courses, one in Paralegal Vocational Studies and one in Freelance Writing. I’m not good at being bored, am I?

I eat too much when I’m bored, and 2003 was a very bad year for eating too much. I tried Pilates at the local gym and I joined the gym to use the machines but it was a long walk up to the sports centre and my determination to lose weight while I was on sick leave didn’t last very long.

I did also discover the new Weight Watchers points system where you bought scales, a calculator, books and went to classes every week just to find out that stuff you liked eating had loads of calories in it. Really? No shit, Sherlock. I probably only went to class a few times to get the paraphernalia and after that did it online. Online slimming clubs were a nightmare for my finances. Weight Watchers were the first to do it so I stuck with them most of 2003-4. Not only that, but L wanted to do Weight Watchers and so that meant H#2 wanted to do it, and P would be doing it to. It seemed kinda rude not to, to be honest. We used to meet up to do our Tesco shop together (yes, we really did) and L would follow me around asking how many Points were in everything. Shopping took a LONG time back in those days.

I had brief flirtations with Rosemary Conley and a few attempts at Slimming World, but none of them lasted very long really.

In 2004 H#2 changed jobs. Or rather he was made redundant from a job, who paid him a nice amount of redundancy money then took him back when the company was bought out by another firm a month later, and gave him a new job. The job meant he was expected to drive around all over the place and be away from home a lot. On the one hand this was a GOOD thing because he was getting on my nerves a bit, but on the other hand it meant I was going to have an absolute ‘mare getting to work and back. I decided to put up a notice in the staff kitchen at work about lift sharing. Within hours I’d had an offer from someone I didn’t work with directly but knew reasonably well. He lived in Ely so it was out of his way, but he didn’t seem to mind.

He turned into my best work mate – Katie had moved on. He was single and used to tell me about all the rubbish dates he’d been on, and we would bitch about people at work and gossip like a couple of old women. He and I were both crap first thing in the morning so we kind of made a pact not to really talk much on the way into work, but we made up for it on our lunch breaks at the pub.

Me Daphne and AnitaH#2 never really said anything about my work buddy back then, probably because he knew that I needed a lift to work. He couldn’t possibly think that anyone would fancy his fat girlfriend! So by the end of 2004, I’d failed two driving tests, been passed over for a promotion and my fiance was working away a lot. I hated Soham, rarely saw my family and was getting fatter all the time. I think I was heading towards 15 stone, that mythical cut-off point in my head where I’d become unlovable.  But at least we got around to setting the wedding date…we were talking with L&P about going to Canada with them in 2005, but H#1 said we couldn’t afford to get married if we were saving up for a holiday. I suspect he was probably looking for an excuse not to get married, but L came up with the idea of getting married in Canada in December 2005. Well, if L thought it was a good idea, it must be a good idea. We set a date for 23rd December 2005 and I went straight into wedding dress panic…again.

One more year and I would actually start to battle my way out of the constant diet cycle, but it was probably my worst diet year EVER.



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