I love it when a plan comes together…

write something….I just need a plan now.

I’ve been procrastinating all week, mainly because of my unbridled panic at the state of my finances after this month. I needed a plan…I needed to work out cunning ways of getting myself back on my feet after last week’s shock. I’m not going to be at the mercy of other people’s whims for the rest of my employable life!

I’ve been lying awake at night writing my new positive body image book in my head, wondering which bits of my story to leave out, which bits to edit and how I’m going to make a really freaking super-inspiring book for women everywhere. I kind of have this image in my head of women everywhere reading it and throwing out their diet books, cancelling their Slimming World subscriptions and dancing in the street at any size, beaming from ear to ear.

Maybe that’s a little over-optimistic, but a girl’s gotta have a dream.

I’m super excited about Viva Voluptuous being in production and eagerly awaiting the manuscript back from the publisher…it’s being copy-edited at the moment and once I approve the final, final FINAL edition, it goes off to be made into a real life book baby.

OKSo, now I’m onto Beautiful magazine, which I really want to get back out there for you soon. The response has been fantastic on Twitter and Facebook, and everyone seems really up for bringing Beautiful back. Hell, we know how much we need it after the absolutely disgusting OK Magazine cover this week, I’m already sensing a backlash from women who are absolutely sick of being judged on their size. Or their ‘post baby weight loss plans’. Ugh. Surely a new mum should be loved-up with her baby, while her other half spoils her silly and tells her she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Post-baby fitness plans? *insert expletive of your choice*

My new book will be an antidote to all this crap. It’s going to be crammed full of stories of women who said “Sod that” to dieting and self-hatred and there will be loads of resources for anyone who wants a bit of advice about chilling out and dumping the diet.

I’d better go off and write it really. I’ve got a couple of questions though:

1. Would you buy a book like that? Would would YOU like to see in it?

2. Would you donate money (even just a small amount) to a crowd-funding appeal to get Beautiful magazine back off the ground?



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5 responses to “I love it when a plan comes together…

  1. Love your idea. I was reading that many were saying bravo to Kate for baring her new baby belly! Yes!! IT’S NORMAL, PEOPLE! Yeah! We get to have a little fluff in our bellies sometimes, get over it! lol…

    Any size, we need to start accepting who we are. Bravo to you.

    I am visiting from the Amazing Biz & Life group. Happy to see that this forum feed has been rejuved.

  2. I had missed the cover but gathered there was a brou-ha-ha about comments about her ‘bump’. Most of what I’ve seen is “welcome to the real world” and “good for her”. I would absolutely read a book like that…and I’d certainly consider a donation for crowdsourcing the mag. xx

    • Brilliant! Yeah I think most of the Kate reaction has been positive from *real* women, it’s just the media that seem to have jumped on her evidence of being a normal human being and plastered it all over their cover to sell magazines.

  3. I would read a book that had inspiring stroies in it like “I got to be me, and here’s how” Or simple things like yummy recipes that seem like ‘diet’ food, but are really just super good for you and can be made within your budget, like ‘2 chicken fillets will be enough meat in a dinner for a family of 4!’

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