Up high and down low

MehIt’s been quite the roller-coaster of a week.

I launched the ‘35 things to do instead of starting another diet‘ free e-book.

I created a paperback version of Gorgeously Full Fat

I ran a free weekend promo for the e-book and I got to #1 in genre for free Kindle books on Amazon.

So why do I feel so fed up?

The truth is, I expect too much of myself. I wanted more people to sign up for the freebie than 18. I wanted more than 50 people in five weeks to buy the book. I wanted to stay in the top-sellers list on Amazon for a bit longer before I faded into obscurity, and HELL I wanted to sell more than four copies of the paperback, especially as I bought one of them myself. And my Mum and best friend bought two of them. And my sister bought the fourth.

People have said to me that it’s actually pretty damn amazing that I did all that in a week. That I got to the top of the list, that I even managed to publish my own book in the first place. But, you know me, I’m never happy with myself, must try harder.

I just feel a bit ‘meh’. Like I could have done better, sold more, got more people signed up. Do people actually want this stuff? Are people just looking for a quick fix to their weight, and the latest miracle diet? because it doesn’t exist, it really, really doesn’t.

I don’t have an advertising budget. I don’t have a kick-ass PR team out there pimping the book on my behalf. I only have this blog and social media, and I just can’t do any more. I have loads of ideas for the blog, too, I want to make it a go-to place for fashion, lifestyle and everything for curvy women, a body-positive haven, a self-esteem treasure trove, with fantastic recipes. I just don’t have the time to do what I want because I have to make the money to pay the bills…it’s a vicious circle really.

Better get my ‘Get Rich Lucky Bitch’ head on and start working out ways to make this thing work…



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11 responses to “Up high and down low

  1. Keri Kight

    I think you did wonderful promoting your book with the tools you have available. I published an E-Book on Amazon in April this year, and this was with a brand new site, no subscribers, and almost zero marketing. I certainly didn’t sell 50 copies in 5 weeks like you did.

    I like your message, and I believe you will do well as you continue your message. šŸ™‚

    • Thanks Keri… It’s just hard work isn’t it? I sent free copies for people to review and only got one review, and I don’t want to spam people on Facebook too much, it’s just difficult to know what to do for the best!

  2. Dang it! You’re going great guns :). I know exactly how you feel though. But it is that ability to see where you want to be which has got you as far as you have (which is really flippin’ far Lady) – I’m only in the infant stage of building a blog but I’ve tweeted your post & will be writing about the book (may take a little while but I’ll do it). Your posts are insightful and interesting & I’m really looking forward to reading the book.

    • Thanks so much – I am just one of those people who expects so much of myself and gets frustrated when I don’t measure up to my own standards! You’ll probably get a feel for that in the book! *sigh* I’m glad you like the posts, and I’ll be sure to check out your blog, too x

      • šŸ˜€ I’m the same! I think your posts will resonate with a lot of people I know. My blogs are babies still with not enough pages but I’m so glad I started them & I’m annoyed with my ‘slow progress’ haha, my other one is http://www.howbellydancechangedmylife.co.uk but – I am looking at what you’ve achieved as an inspiration to keep going. Happy Wednesday! X

    • PS: I liked the blog but there’s nowhere to follow it! Let me know when you add a comment/follow option and I certainly will, love your attitude x

  3. Reblogged this on beebex and commented:
    i think you did great hun x

  4. Jo

    I’m one of the 50 who bought your Kindle book and I have now finished it and will go and rate it today! Obviously I thoroughly enjoyed it – after all, it’s a topic very dear to my heart. While, as you knew, I can’t reach the same conclusions as you, or come to the same decisions you have, I admire and respect you for yours šŸ™‚

  5. I completely relate to what you’re saying, Sarah. It can be so hard to be happy with your achievements, when they don’t translate into well-needed cash.

    I’m going through a similar phase right now, working hard, getting positive feedback but not increasing my income. Doubts and insecurities creeping in, wondering, if I will ever make it.

    It’s tough, and sometimes it’s a good thing to take a little break and just enjoy life. That’s what I’m going to do this weekend šŸ˜‰

  6. Sarah!

    It sounds like you kicked some major a$$ in a short amount of time! Congratulations! I think all of us entrepreneurs can relate. We just keep knocking things off the to-do list that never ends and never take a minute to appreciate how far we have come or accomplished in a short amount of time.

    Keep shining and sharing your gifts!

    Julie šŸ™‚

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