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Academy-125x250You know what really annoys me about business and money coaching programmes? I get loads of these things in my email and they sound so freaking tempting.

“Max your business potential!”

“Don’t miss out on a six-figure income”

These programmes are clearly targeted at people with a small-ish business, who want to move a step up. Fabulous. Trouble is, they are so bloody expensive! I got one through this afternoon, this entrepreneur tempted me onto her mailing list with a few freebies and has been sending me unmissable business coaching programme opportunities ever since. I decided to look at the link today and you want to know what she’s asking for her words of wisdom?


OK, in real money I make that £625.

I don’t have a spare £600-plus rattling around, honey, that’s why I need wealth coaching! *big sigh*

That’s why I love the Amazing Biz and Life Academy, and why I’m going to be spending all afternoon catching up on my homework and checking out all the business and life-related chats I’m behind on. Sometimes, when I get seduced in by tempting offers to make zillions, with strap lines like, “Are you closing the door on your destiny” it’s easy to forget that I have a perfect, supportive and much less expensive resource to play with.

Leonie Dawson has created something that’s changing the lives and businesses of SO many women around the world in a way that’s never been seen before, and at the moment you can join the Academy for just $199. That’s £124, but you can pay it over three months if you haven’t got it all in one go. You get access to the FULL course up front as well, so no worries that you have to wait three months for it.

Mostly, I’ve been working on the business side of the Academy…which is what’s been spurring me on to develop the blog, write a book and a mini e-book and find new ways to grow my business too. I’ve added Power Reiki, I’m thinking about my next move for Gorgeously Full Fat (still under wraps until I’ve, well, um decided what to do) and I’m planning to qualify in EFT next year, by which time I’ll have another novel published.

I’ve found some amazing people – Leonie, Denise Duffield Thomas, Mary Joyce and Cara Wilde to name a few, Mary is helping me market and grow my business, and increase my blog, social media and mailing list numbers. Cara introduced me to EFT and I have some wonderful MP3s she’s given me. Denise is my go-to lady for anything money-related.

I haven’t used the Academy to anything like its full potential yet – I haven’t had the time to work on becoming a Radiant Goddess, developing my creativity or creating my little haven yet. It’s all there though. I have done some of the energy work and I still use some of the techniques Leonie teaches now.

There’s also a generous affiliate scheme which I have mentioned being a part of before, which makes it easy to make your money back from commission payments.

BusinessGoddess-200x200So why am I mentioning all this now and not over on the website, chatting to like minded creative souls?

Well, a few people have asked me about the Academy and wanted to know more; and the prices are going up after this month. DOUBLE. It’s still a lot more affordable than pie in the sky wealth creation courses that probably just create wealth for the people that run them, but it’s not going to be £124 for long. I think, also, that if you join now, you get to renew at the price you joined after a year if you like it.

It’s not magic, you get out what you put in but the tools, support and resources are all pretty fabulous.

Right, I had better get back over there, I’m looking for some more ideas about how to actually make a bit of money that don’t include begging for copy writing work…you’ll thank me one day, I promise!




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10 responses to “Amazing Academy…

  1. I hate those sales pitches that make you feel like you’d be a millionaire if you just forked over another $1000. I’ve noticed a lot of freelance experts are starting their own “academies” or mentoring programs that offer coaching and tools at more affordable rates. I haven’t decided if I’m going to try founding something similar. I’ve just published my own book about freelancing, so I’ll probably see how that goes before jumping into my next huge project:)


  2. Thanks so much Daisy, yes, it does make me cross that these money-making schemes are aimed at people who haven’t got any! I’d love to do something myself but I think I have to walk the walk for a few miles first. What’s your book called?

    • Hi, Sarah, my book is “Make Freelancing REALLY Pay – Communication and Negotiation Strategies That Take You to the Top”. You can read more about it on my website at It’s designed to help new and struggling freelancers select the right clients, increase the perceived value of their services, raise their rates, and stabilize their income. It’s based on my own experiences over the last five years starting my own freelance writing business from the ground up. It’s been quite an experience!

  3. Leonie’s Academy is quite simply the best business and life resource I have found. There are other great circles I’m a part of, but hers is the most comprehensive. There’s so many fab courses, forums and workbooks, meditations and blog posts to keep you busy all year!

    • It is! I love it. There’s always something new to learn, people to talk to and some great ideas, and that’s before you even delve into the free resources and courses…I only with I could spend more time in there 🙂

  4. Gracie

    You should really disclose that you are an affiliate and will make money from every sale that results from people buying as a result of clicking on your Academy link. To not do so is dishonest and misleading.

    I am a member of the Academy and it’s not worth anywhere near $497 let alone $199. A lot of other members say this too. Yes, some of the materials are useful and a few of the e-courses are okay but it’s not a mentoring site by any means. Leonie is hardly there. It’s simply a passive income outlet for her and good on her but tell it like it really is okay?

    • I have mentioned before that I’m an affiliate, so it’s no secret! You’re welcome to your opinion but I believe that it’s spurred me on to do so much, including writing a book and self publishing, and I’ve signed up two years in a row so that must tell you something. I also mentioned that you only get out what you put in, so like complaining that you don’t get fit from simply having a gym membership, you won’t get anything from the Academy unless you do the work and take part. I’ve made some priceless connections with people who have given me guidance and support on business issues and personal development, and I would never have met them without making any effort to join in with the masterminds. Each to their own but this is what I believe so I feel totally OK with recommending the Academy.

  5. Another massive fan of the here Academy, Sarah – I’ve been a member for nearly 2 years now, and I can’t imagine giving up my membership for the world!

    The connections I’ve made there, and the support I get from the community is just incredible. It’s not perfect for everyone (nothing is!) so I totally get that there’ll be folks like your commenter above that tried it and didn’t like it. And that’s totally fine too.

    But yes: you’re not the only one to think it’s totally and utterly awesomesauce 🙂

  6. CC

    I enjoy being a member of Leonie’s academy. I’ve met so many lovely women there, and during my first year of membership learned loads about developing my business.

    BUT…my annual membership is set at $99, and to be honest, I wouldn’t pay a penny more.

    The annual price hikes are ridiculous, but of course Leonie has her loyal affiliates to sell the academy on her behalf, who are offered 50% commission (I think) for every sign-up.

    The generous affiliate payments are tempting, but I have to admit that I cannot recommend the Academy for that amount of membership fee.

    Although I do mention the Academy in some of my blog posts as a great place to network and learn, I’m not pushing it, because I feel very strongly about the high fee.

    The e-courses are useful and great fun, but a lot of the information can be found much cheaper in books and elsewhere online for free. I can’t honestly say that they are worth anywhere near $400 (the new price increase).

    But that’s my personal opinion. I’m just wondering, when the price hikes will stop, because I don’t think they are sustainable…

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