The amazing Moley and a cunning plan

ella1Right, so yesterday was NOT a good day chez Clarky. A rather large dollop of hormone-inspired grumpiness combined with precisely nothing going right inspired a very long Yahoo Messenger rant to a long suffering friend, who was at work trying to look busy as he fielded a long list of “and another thing” – and then it was followed up with a woe-is-me rant to Moley who had just got in from work after having a bit of a stinker of a day himself.

I think I got it all out of my system. He listened patiently, told me that I shouldn’t change (I was moaning that I seem to put myself out for anyone but then when it’s my turn I become invisible) and that he loved me absolutely as I was. So there. He then gave me a great big hug and told me that I’d been working too hard and doing too much, so this weekend I was banned from doing anything, work-related or around the house. He promised to wait on me, cook, wash up, make me drinks and that all I have to do for the whole weekend, if I need anything done, is ask.

That means so much to me. Flowers, chocolates, wine – yes I love those very much too, but for him to say that he’s just going to take care of me for a couple of days, that was all I needed. I’m under orders to catch up with all my Kindle reading. I don’t need asking twice…

Meanwhile, I’m feeling really drawn to some fabulous blogs at the moment, and they are about as opposite of my usual type of fare as I could possibly get. One, which I have mentioned before, is Deliciously Ella.  I’m going to pinch one of her images just so that you know why I’m so hooked on reading her blog. She makes delicious vegan, dairy free, wheat free food that sounds and looks utterly amazing. I really want to have a go at her cinnamon roasted sweet potato recipe. In fact I may well do just that.

The other one I like the look of is Raw Chick. She takes things a step further by eating raw, which is probably a bit too far for me. In fact I think a vegan diet would be too much for me, but I feel sluggish and yuck at the moment and I want to get myself in tip tip physical health, and back on top form by the end of the year, ready for my wedding to the above-mentioned Moley. This isn’t about losing weight, it’s about not having to think twice about running for the bus, or indeed not bothering with the bus at all and walking instead.

It’s about energy, mental clarity and reclaiming the positivity that a week of mood-dampening PMS saps out of me like a happiness vampire. I’m thinking of starting a new section on the blog – sort your life out – where I try and introduce a new positive habit or idea every day. It might be actually properly reading one of the positive thinking emails I get every day instead of skimming it and deleting it. Or it might be replacing one of my lovely strong coffees with hot water and lime.

By 3rd January 2014 I want to feel tip top healthy, energetic, positive and happy.

Are you with me?


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  1. My easy vegan way is to use the Happy Herbivore’s meal plans complete with recipes and grocery list. I don’t have to do a thing. I Love the way I feel when I stick to vegan and the reason I went there was compassionate reasons not because of any scale thingie. I don’t even own a scale. Love the sites you linked to. Going to go and really look them over now – thanks and hugs and sparkles

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