Break the Diet Cycle

The eagle-eyed among you might have noticed that there’s a new banner on the right. There’s another one at the top of this page, just in case you missed it! It’s for the  Break the Cycle workshop, which is run by the fabulous Never Diet Again team, who are fans of the Health at Every Size movement (so am I).

I only promote products that I really believe in, and yes, NDA have kindly asked me if I’d like to be an affiliate, so I will get commission if any of you click through my links. But that aside, if it wasn’t in Manchester I’d be going myself! Damn you, expensive train fares and needing a hotel for the night. The course is perfect for anyone who still struggles with self acceptance and the nagging desire to diet.

A day in Angela’s company will inspire you to wean yourself off of diets for good, by explaining how you’re not actually designed to win the fight against your weight, and why all the things you’ve been told to do for all these years aren’t working. Nope, not even healthy eating and portion control.

You’ll also learn how to get a grip on your dysfunctional eating habits and sigh a big sigh of relief at the realisation that stopping dieting for ever and booting your food restriction out of your life can actually make it EASIER and not harder to eat normally, and I hate to say it, sensibly.

Part three of the day will put the spring back in your step with the first steps on the yellow brick road to real happiness that’s not weight or size dependent. Yes, you really will leave with a new outlook, an ability to live like you want to and not like the diet magazines tell you to, and make real improvements in your health through treating yourself with love and kindness.

Places for this kick-ass course are strictly limited but if you’re interested in kick starting your diet-free life you can use this link or any of the banners on the blog to get your early-bird bonus.

Oh, and if you don’t think this course has made any difference to your life after 30 days, you get your money back. Win-win, as far as I can see.

Go for it 🙂


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