Plus size fashion goes with the flow

VB dress

You know the rules. We’ve been trying so long to bust the stereotypes of the plus size woman in the kaftan or loose flowing skirt, that we’ve got all militant when it comes to our fashion sense and banned anything loose from our wardrobes. We can do body-con, we love a bit of tailoring. What’s wrong with embracing our curves? No more tents, thank you very much!

Except, sometimes it’s just good to, you know, let it all loose. I follow the brilliant Mason Bentley fashion blog, and when questioned during London Fashion Week about what was hot for 2014, loose was the way to go according to Anna Mason and Kate Bentley. These two are my kind of designers – they started their journey making clothes for themselves and friends, but demand outstripped supply and now they are creating their very own capsule collection. You can see them talking fashion sense here:

So if we’re talking loose and flowy, where can we find something that looks good, rather than as if it’s been designed to double up as somewhere to camp at Glastonbury? we want curve-skimming and comfortable, not voluminous. As an aside, I love you, Victoria Beckham, but THAT dress? The one above? Didn’t do it for me.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve found.

Vintage Look Swing Dress ASOS Curve £40

.Vintage Look Swing Dress ASOS Curve in Red £40

This gorgeous swing dress is from ASOS Curve, available in red and black, and would look lovely either as it is, with tights and boots, or over leggings in the winter. At £40, you could probably get both, and it’s easy to dress up or down depending on your mood.

From Simply Be, the Rise Judy Beaded Cuff  Tunic dress – £70 – has a real seventies’ vibe to it – maybe it’s just the turquoise that’s making me think it wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Cosmo in 1974? If you’re not brave enough to go all the way and wear the jade version, you can dress it down a bit in black instead. Would look amazing with a floppy hat and HUGE sunnies on holiday, but in colder climes it might be best to cinch it in the middle with a wide belt, slip on a pair of skinny jeans underneath and wear it with flatties for a casual and comfortable look. Or you could wear it with a pair of funky tights from Miss Difusa:

Rise Judy Cuff Tunic Simply Be £70 Miss Difusa floral tights £6.99

Long flowing skirts always feel good at this time of year and I’ve found a great buy – the half-lined georgette/jersey maxi skirt from Grazia at Simply Be. It’s currently just £20 if you want to invest in a nice little flowing number.

Grazi Maxi skirt £20 Simply Be

I’m not entirely sure why it’s so cheap, but I kinda like it.

Finally, if you want to make a very bold fashion statement, you could hunt down some of these Paper Moon wide legged palazzo pants. I found them on Amazon and I think you can also

Paper Moon Palazzo Pants £13.95 buy them on eBay; on Amazon these pirate-printed beauties were only £19.95 so they’re worth shelling out for and the elasticated waistband makes them perfect for maternity as well as “I ate way too much for dinner.”

What do you think? Will you be embracing the loose and flowing trend this season, or sticking to flaunting your feminine curves in more structured pieces?



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4 responses to “Plus size fashion goes with the flow

  1. Palazzo pants RULE – great for any figure & comfy & elegant. I’m a sucker for anything pirate also so thanks for the tip 🙂

  2. How DID I miss this??! Probably because we were just deciding on the split (I know. Sad mais c’est la vie) But I still need to send you Hugs and kisses!!! xxxxxxxxx

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