I totally need fitness inspiration

I’ve let my fitness slide just lately.

TomorrowI could come up with a million excuses but in all honesty I’ve just not been in the mood to haul myself over to the gym. I’m busy, I’m stressed, I’m knackered.

Now I’m busy, stressed, knackered and feeling decidedly less fit than I’d like to.

I wish I could drive – I’d be able to jump in the car and go to a fitness class after work or early in the day, but in reality I can only go to the daytime classes because the buses don’t run here after 6 pm. I’m also a chicken. The thought of a spinning class full of fitties scares the crap out of me, and although I love the thought of Yoga and Pilates, the classes make me feel like the odd, fat girl out as they bend into positions I couldn’t get myself into if I tried for a week.

Am I feeling sorry for myself? Probably, yes.

What am I going to do about it?

I don’t really know. I’m putting feelers out for feel good fat fitness. I need to get down that gym, too, don’t I?

If anyone has any surefire fun, fat-friendly workout DVDs to recommend, let me know!



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19 responses to “I totally need fitness inspiration

  1. I have a couple of fitness DVDs which look fun although I’ve never tried them! They’re both Davina Mccall ones.

  2. Nancy Adams

    Leslie Sansone walking DVDs are good and you can do anything from 1-5 miles. I need to do them more than I do…I’m having trouble with getting motivated too.

  3. Lizzie

    I go to Zumba gold, it’s full of mostly older ladies who are the most wonderful supportive bunch ever. I’m not as old as most of them so they look after me, and each other, it’s great fun and classes are usually during the day. It’s also easier than normal zumba so you don’t feel stupid for not knowing the moves!

  4. I wouldn’t normally recommend Rosemary Conley because of her diet obsessions but because of her target audience in the slimming clubs a lot of her exercises are designed for ‘non fitties’ and larger people. I think on her DVDs she does show you how you can adapt some exercises too.

    Hope that helps x

  5. ooh, just to clarify, I’m suggesting you buy a DVD not that you join a slimming club :-/

  6. If you’re not ‘in the mood’ to haul yourself down the gym, the best thing you can do is…………..yep, you guessed it – haul yourself down the gym! And the remedy for the fear of feeling like the odd one out in classes is to simply go a couple of times – you’ll find the people aren’t anywhere near as scary as you think they are and you’ll soon catch up to the routines and then you’ll just be one of the crowd. Go for it beautiful lady!

  7. Francesca

    Spinning isn’t as intimidating as it seems because a) it’s dark so no one can see you dying, b) it’s loud so no one can hear you dying and c) only you can see your display so you can control how fast you go and how much resistance you have. It’s a bit addictive after you get over the sore bum! I’d recommend it (as a total non-fit, anti-exercise person! :))

    • I can do 25 minutes on a normal gym bike but I use the reclining seat ones to avoid losing sensation in my arse cheeks… The truth is I’d love to try it but I worry I’ll have to give up and disgrace myself…

  8. Good luck – for me it was belly dance – with good teachers, that’s important. I went from being ‘barely able to get up stairs’ to ‘pretty fit actually’ despite hip, back & knee problems & arthritis and I’ve had so much fun! I was about a size 18 when I started & it was perfect to tone up naturally in a feminine way. It is all about getting the right class with a good teacher who knows about the female body, whatever you decide to do xx

  9. I am starting a challenge on Monday with some ladies on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/thefatgirlsguidetorunning its basically 10k in 10weeks based on my eBook 10K, have a look and let me know if you fancy joining us http://www.amazon.co.uk/10K-Julie-Creffield-ebook/dp/B00GRKLJQG

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