Extreme Self Care

selfcareIt’s a bit of a buzzword at the moment, or should that be a ‘buzz-phrase’?

Extreme self care sounds like it’s probably way over the top. Too much. Not for the likes of us, but for hippy types who have nothing better to do than sit around chanting and meditating.

I kind of thought it was a bit self indulgent, to be honest. Selfish even. I mean, the thought of being selfish, putting my needs first and just doing things for me – like I’d have time, right?

Well, after having a lovely chat with Donna Highton, otherwise known as Donna on the Beach, I realised that I had it all wrong. Looking after yourself is vital, and even more so when you’re busy as hell and don’t think you have the time to go for a wee, let alone indulge yourself and chill out.

Don’t think so? Neither did I until this week. But Donna explained to me in words that even a stressed out copywriter can understand. I came across Donna via The Amazing Biz and Life group, and I love her for being down to earth, practical, funny and even a little bit sweary. If you have a car that you need to get you to work and back, you make sure it’s filled with fuel, serviced and taken care of. If you try and run the car on vapours and neglect it, eventually it will just stop running and won’t be in any state to get you anywhere. Well, the same goes for your body and soul. All the time you’re not taking care of your body and soul, running on empty, not making sure you get what you need, you’re just buying time until your body just says, “Sod this, I can’t go any further”

That’s when you get poorly, catch a cold, have a bit of a meltdown, and if you’re actually listening, you’ll realise that you’re being told to sit the hell down and rest. Eat some decent food and watch TV, dammit! If you carry on, and on…well, you’re going to crash.

I realised I’m at the “Listen to me, will you?” point. I’m trying to deal with the symptoms of lots of little pesky ailments, but the underlying cause is stress. And funnily enough, much as I REALLY hate to admit it, my diet. I’ve cut wheat out of my diet as an experiment, after reading ‘Wheat Belly’ – and I haven’t needed to take acid reflux pills for two days, my tummy has settled down, and I think my skin rash is clearing up…the one I’ve had a YEAR which hasn’t responded to anything yet. This makes me SO happy.

Even if I miss cake. Anyway, the food experiment was just a part of my self-care routine. I’ve also been trying to do something nice for myself every day, whether it’s an hour reading a book, going for a walk in the park, or listening to a meditation MP3. It’s working, I feel happier, more creative and more productive already. I think I’ve gone from a 2 out of 10 in the “How cared for do you feel?” to at least a 5.

I love that I actually listened to Donna on this! She has a fab e-book you can download for free if you sign up to her blog; and also the 110 Steps to Heal Your Money e-book is free this weekend. I’m working my way through the money e-book because, well, I have a wedding to pay for… I’ll keep you posted on how the wheat-avoidance goes, but if a little bit of diet-tweaking can cure three ailments in one go, I’m gonna be a happy girl…



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4 responses to “Extreme Self Care

  1. Ooh, a blog post about stress, positivity, self-care and wheat avoidance all in one! Yay! I’m all about the positivity and self-care, and for the past wee while I’ve been putting together ideas for workshops and courses on stress management. And as for the wheat avoidance – well, we recently discovered that our son is sensitive to wheat, so we’re cutting it out and really changing what we all eat. It’s challenging (breakfast and snacks have been the hardest), but I think it’s making a difference to us all. If you want to share wheat-avoidance tips just let me know – I need all the help I can get!!

    • Ooh thank you!! With the wheat, it’s only been a few days so I’m hoping for the best!! It’s certainly tricky but yes, love to swap notes x

      • Awesome! We’ve been doing it for a few weeks now, and it really has made a difference to our son. We had a couple of days when he had more wheat again, and went back to tummy aches. So we know it’s worth sticking with it. We’ve been going for gluten free options on some things, but I’ve also discovered Spelt flour and I’ve been making my own bread, which is actually way yummier than normal bread anyway. Spelt doesn’t seem to affect him. It is more expensive though. Email if you like liz at humannaturedevelopment dot com 🙂

  2. Woohoo!!!! You got up to a 5! That’s f***ing awesome! You go girl (fake American accents ahoy!). Now…can I challenge you to go for a 7?!?!?!? 😀 Thanks for sharing the free ebooks, and I’m so delighted you’re taking care of yourself I’m doing a little happy dance at my desk! xxx

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