Raindrops on Roses…



I was inspired to write this post after a very enlightening chat I had with a friend this morning.

Somehow, through a lot of hard work and practice, and while going through a situation that made looking outside for happiness difficult, she learned to look inside, and to somehow change her perception of everything to see it through a rose-tinted super sparkly filter. It’s all about perception.

I can’t begin to explain what she did and how she did it but I want me some of that. Imagine being able to feel happy when your bus is late, your feet hurt and it’s just started to rain.

I want that!

She told me she’d managed to somehow alter her brain chemistry to see and feel everything as exciting, an adventure, and notice beauty in absolutely everything too. I couldn’t help laughing and telling her that there were people who would pay good money for a chemical that does that to their mind, and there she was getting it for nothing.

Anyway, she gave me a few hints about how to do it. Clue: it involves a lot of writing down positives and reading Byron Katie. But one of these days I want to see diamonds where the raindrops are…



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5 responses to “Raindrops on Roses…

  1. YES YES YES!! It really is possible 🙂

  2. I love Byron Katie – there is insight in what she has to teach as well as so many other teachers with regards to experiencing inner triumphs that translate to how we live in the world such as your friend has been able to do. I also recently heard about a book called the Untethered Soul that I would like to read along these lines. Good stuff!

  3. I’m smiling 🙂 – gotta try harder at that though, Love this article. x

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