I’m on a diet!

….and I’m sulking.brownies

Yup, I bet you didn’t expect to read THAT in a post on Gorgeously Full Fat, but after a particularly horrible day where I had two attacks of what I *think* might be gallstones, and yes, I am going to the doctor to find out for sure next week, I don’t want to even think about eating anything which might set it off again. Whatever it was, it HURT.

So, for now it’s low fat all the way. I’ve had to go back to the dark side and start eating reduced fat cheese and Muller Light yoghurts. I did attempt an Options hot chocolate last night out of curiosity but I couldn’t bear it. It was so cloyingly sweet, it was vile. I can just about tolerate lower fat cheese and Muller Lights for now.

Combining this with not eating wheat either is a bit of a pain in the bum, to be fair. The no-wheat rule has helped soothe my digestive system a bit, but it’s not 100% yet. I’m sticking with it to the end of November before I decide whether it’s worked or not.

I hate being obsessive about my food. But I haven’t got much choice if I have got gallstones. There’s a difference between the delayed reaction I get from drinking too much wine (an upset tummy) or eating acidic and spicy foods (heartburn) and the horrible pain I had the other day which was almost immediate after I decided to grab a gluten free biscuit before going out for a walk.

It’s kind of ironic that after all this time, fate is forcing me to adopt the sort of diet I used to make myself eat when I was trying to lose weight. Damn you, fate. Anyway, I guess I have to see how it goes. I’m thinking of investing in some good low fat cookbooks and just replacing anything that has flour in with gluten-free flour instead. But my plans to bake a batch of flourless brownies next week when I’m off work will have to be shelved. Made with 70% dark chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs and almond flour, there is NO low fat alternative….

Any advice would be much appreciated!




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13 responses to “I’m on a diet!

  1. Please, please, please reconsider going on a low-fat diet. That is most likely the opposite of what your body needs. It may even be the diet that gave your body the gallstone issue.

    Please read this: http://www.westonaprice.org/ask-the-doctor/gall-stones

    And also their book, “Eat Fat, Lose Fat.” It’s not a scam like most diet books. It is written by a PHD lipids (fat) scientist with no shady connections to the processed foods industry. It is the same author team that wrote the book, Nourishing Traditions.

    (However, I believe you are on the right track with avoiding wheat. I hope the authors of the two books I mentioned above update their books to reflect the wheat principle. As it is, they recommend soaking grains to reduce their ill effects. Reduces, maybe, but does not seem to eliminate.)

    I am not a nutritionist, I teach Pilates for Plus Size, but I’ve been researching nutrition extensively for the past 5 years after all my family got super skinny on the Zone Diet except for me – and we were all exercising hard as well.

    Basically, we need more saturated fats – animal fat from healthy animals, well sourced and correctly produced coconut oil.

    Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. I love your blog and I plan to buy your book to read on my upcoming vacation to the beach. Please keep it up!


    • Thanks for the advice Amy – I had the first attack back in September but the last two seemed to have come after eating something high fat (a bag of crisps was one, and the biscuit the other day)

      I’ll check out that link but in all honesty I’m scared to eat anything high fat because of the pain!

      I haven’t been on a low fat diet for some time, although to be honest I have eaten a fair amount of processed stuff. With the wheat, I’d been trying to eat less manufactured gluten free foods and have more nuts, cheese and fruit and veg, but the pain got me on a day when I’d not eaten any wheat but had a chocolate biscuit. It’s so hard to know what to do for the best.

    • Perhaps I’ll combine the best of the advice; keep the natural fats and avoid the junky ones. That might work (and would mean I get my proper yoghurts back)

      • I think that sounds reasonable. In some of the pages I found, can’t remember that one in particular, it specified “avoid veg oils and eat more animal fats.” I know here the potato chips are all veg oil, so that could explain that one. Your biscuit could go either way. There were several good pages I found from googling “nourishing traditions gallstones” so that might help you get some more info if you like the logic behind the first one.

        I am sure the doctor will tell you otherwise, but I have lost faith in the medical establishment… After all, our health just keeps getting worse.

        Good luck and keep us posted. I feel your pain.

      • Thanks Amy. I’ll just keep an eye on it. I’m off to the doctor’s next week, although I suspect I’ll get the low fat advice if that’s what they suspect. I’ll do some research, anyway. If nothing else, at least I could have the ultrasound to see if there’s any stones in there. I’m still hoping it all goes away!

  2. Rayven

    I know it is forbidden to mention any specific diets but the MIL ended up having to adopt a Slimming World style diet after being found to have gallstones so any Slimming World recipes will be low in sugar and fat. The side effect being she lost a shit load of weight. I really hope you’re feeling better soon. xx

    • Haha! No, nothing is forbidden. Except slagging off fat people. Or skinny people for that matter. I feel fine today, it’s just when I have the attacks it bloody hurts, then I feel quite horrible 😦

  3. Apple sauce can be used in baking as an alternative to fat.

  4. Just checked my favourite ingredients resource – Cook’s Thesaurus (foodsubs.com) and there are loads of fat alternatives for baking. Tells you how to use them. http://www.foodsubs.com/Fatsoils.html

  5. Oh – hope you’re feeling better? I found this interesting site on eating healthily for gallstones – some interesting advice on ensuring you keep up the Omega fats but looks like lots of lovely people are helping out above 🙂 http://gallbladderattack.com/gallbladderdiet.shtml
    Keep safe and hope all goes well at the doctor. X

  6. Murray

    The alternative is – you make them, I eat them. Just like the old days 🙂 xx

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