I’m not on a diet!


Yeah, I know it’s been a while. I hope you didn’t think I’d gone off and disappeared up my own backside after embarking on a diet?

It wasn’t like that. I didn’t need to, as the doctor gave me a prod and listened to my chest and after talking to me decided that (although I haven’t had the blood test completely rule it out) my horrible abdominal pains weren’t likely to be gallstones after all, more likely they are related to the gastritis that the endoscopy picked up in March.

I should really keep to the wheat-free diet but it’s not easy, and so I’ve just been told to take the anti-reflux pills to heal it and see how it goes.

Anyway, it’s a relief not to have to cut everything remotely tasty out of my diet. Just as well as I was off to a spa this week and spa food is way more indulgent than you might think.

One thing I *did* notice while I was daydreaming and eating my scrumptious and decidedly indulgent dinner, was that too many women seem to talk about nothing but food, calories and dieting. The table next to me was occupied by a group of women who didn’t seem to be able to make a decision about what they wanted to eat, then bemoaned the calorific load of their eventual choices. I rolled my eyes out of sight as they wittered on about how many calories were in the dessert, whether they should have it after their main course at all, and came to the conclusion that “It’s OK, it’s a special occasion.”

It wasn’t just at dinner. At breakfast, another group of women spent ages discussing their usual mealtimes, whether they ate breakfast, what they would normally have for lunch and in-between asking the poor waitress for more toast, different eggs and extra coffee, they complained about the breakfasts being fattening. Of course, they ate full English anyway, but just wanted to point out that they didn’t usually indulge in such luxuries. Ladies, who DOES? Most of us don’t get an opportunity to have coffee, juice, toast, perfectly poached egg, buttered mushrooms, crispy bacon and a Newmarket sausage presented to us every morning before we start work. Just bloody enjoy being spoiled and shut up about the calories…

I was drinking coffee in the lounge before lunch, when wouldn’t you know it, another group of ‘ladies who spa’ were discussing Christmas. And clothes. And complaining that they wouldn’t dare to buy new clothes for Christmas because they always put on weight and wouldn’t be able to wear them!

It makes me laugh. I’m far from skinny of course but when I was dieting I’d easily gain a stone over Christmas, gorging on all the stuff I didn’t usually let myself have. These days, I don’t usually notice a massive weight gain at all. Like most people, I expect I probably do add a few pounds, but not a huge amount, and as I never weigh myself I have no idea. I’d know if I’d piled on a stone though, nothing would fit! I can’t be bothered with eating Christmas food just for the sake of it, unless it’s something I really, really like. Just goes to show that dieting and stressing over food makes you eat more…

It does make me sad that a deliciously indulgent spa break has to revolve around diets and calories though. The women yakking about diets made me laugh, they all managed three courses, while the little non-dieter who’d had nothing to eat for hours only wanted two. And at lunch the next day I couldn’t even manage two, I was still a bit full from breakfast at 1.30!

I just wish we lived in a less diet-obsessed world…don’t you?


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