Stop, breathe, step away from the laptop…

best friendSometimes, something happens that just makes you stop and think.

Today, that thing was, well, two things.

First, I had an email from Donna on the Beach. Donna is bloody lovely and hers is one of the blogs that pings up in my inbox that I pretty much always make time to read, but here she was talking about having a meltdown. The first words of her ‘14 lessons from ye olde meltdowne‘ were:

 When you feel jealous of other people taking time off, it’s a big red sign to TAKE TIME OFF!

Guilty. I get jealous when my beloved has days off to relax, because relax he does. He’s got the whole day off thing sussed, because when he’s not at work, he stays in bed until he feels like getting out, watches videos on YouTube and potters. What do I do?

I check my emails. Sometimes I can’t help myself, I also reply to them and even abandon the day off and do that urgent bit of work instead. Then I decide the flat looks like a tip and have to clean it. I might go into town and pick up some shopping, but not pretty things, food and boring stuff. I do the little errands I have been meaning to get round to while I’ve been working. Then, and only then, I might sit down.

OK, I went to a spa the other day and it was GORGE but I worked on the day I went right up to when the taxi picked me up, checked my emails when I was there, and as soon as I got home the following day I was on the laptop. I had 24 hours respite. Then I had a stupidly busy week and now I feel like I didn’t go at all, although when I think about that Indian Head Massage I had, I do go off into my own little world.

So. The second thing.

I did some more of my 2014 Amazing Life Workbook this afternoon. Have you got yours yet? These li’l workbooks are fabulous for concentrating your mind, and so pretty. I purposely started with ‘life’ rather than ‘work’ and my lists were…um…revealing.

This Year I Give Myself Permission To…

  • Take some time off
  • Look after myself
  • Do things that I want to do
  • Escape and read books
  • Walk with my ipod on
  • Sit and think
  • Have fun without having to work for it first
  • Spoil myself
  • Release negative people from my life

Do you think the universe, or maybe just my subconscious, might be trying to tell me something?





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2 responses to “Stop, breathe, step away from the laptop…

  1. You already know what you need to do gorgeous lady. To have the life of your dreams you body and mind need you to do things that make you happy, after all, that’s what it’s all about.. Take time to enjoy your life and wonderful things will happen. *hugs*

    • Yup, I know! So may of my ‘things to do’ were centred around just being, chilling out, and caring for myself. You’ll be pleased to note that ‘accept myself’ was there but ‘lose weight’ wasn’t! Although I do have a few fitness goals and plans too. And writing another two books. And having regular spa days and social media holidays 😉

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