Christmas 2012

I’m Sarah, and I’m a freelance writer, novelist, and a fat girl on a mission to make life a bit nicer for big girls (and boys).

My book ‘Viva Voluptuous’ is being published in 2013, and it’s a tale of three drop-dead gorgeous plus-size divas who take on the world’s negative attitude to fat women and do their level best to turn it on its head. I was fed up with reading novels about skinny heroines I couldn’t identify with, or books where a miserable, unloved fattie found her Mr Right and became super-happy when she lost weight. Life just isn’t like that!

I’m fat but I’m just like most big women. I’m not going to lie to you and pretend it’s easy to be larger-than-life. The media conspires to make fat people feel less than human sometimes. The fashion industry acts as if we don’t exist. Doctors tell us we need to lose weight even when we go to them about a sore throat.

Sod that. You can be fat and happy, beautiful, loved, sexy and healthy. Believe in you…dare to live a full fat life xx

PS: I love your comments, please feel free to contact me on the form below!


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  1. Love it, many things have made me unhappy in life at times but to be honest I don’t think being fat has that often apart from a few I don’t like my double chin in that photo moments and feeling a bit pissed off that it is more of a challenge to find clothes on the high street!! Thank God for the internet! I like the message of this blog

  2. Thanks Vicky! That’s what I want people to think, I want people to be happy, fat or otherwise, with themselves. If you want to lose a few pounds, that’s your perogative and if you’re fantabulously happy being plus size well Amen to that too. I just want to do my bit to help curvy women realise they are fabulous too. 🙂

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