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How to have 50 ideas in one afternoon….


It’s no secret that my business Mojo has been a bit depleted lately. It’s all very well being the only woman in the western hemisphere who can make Tokyo bus lanes sound interesting, but I have to be honest, I’m not sure I could do that again if I tried, and worse still, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.

I invested in membership to the Amazing Biz and Life Academy last year, mainly for the kick-ass business resources, but also because most of the members write bloody inspirational blogs that make me see things differently. Oh, and the meditations are pretty good too. Anyway, I’ve taken on some of the stuff I got from the last six week business course, but I’ve never really sat and worked all the way through it. There’s a brand new one coming out at the end of March, the next steps, and I really fancy getting my money-earning Mojo back as well as my creative juices flowing, so I decided that it was time to dust off the course again (if it’s actually possible to dust off a PDF) and you know, do the work.

Last week I managed to find one afternoon to dedicate to all this brainstorming, and got to work.

I was gobsmacked. Working through the exercises seemed to unleash a torrent of ideas, for ways to get money doing the kind of things I enjoy doing, business ideas, and finally I was left with a list of 50 ways I could make a living and FIVE ideas for ebooks that I could write pretty easily, self publish and get out there into the world.


OK, so some of the ideas might be a little bit more impractical than others.

  • Creating and selling a ‘ditch the diet’ ebook and programme is doable, tricky and time consuming, and a bit of a scary leap out of my comfort zone, but it’s potentially possible.
  • Writing a sequel to Viva Voluptuous is also very doable. (Did I mention the first Ellie Johnstone book is now available to pre-order on download for £3.93?)
  • How about a book of erotica for plus size women? That would be fun! (Must have been feeling fruity that day)
  • Creating events for plus size women? Hmm. I think I could do that, I just need to talk to the right people and we need funding.
  • Starting (or re-branding) a positive, inclusive, intelligent fashion and lifestyle magazine for ALL women? I’d love to. Just don’t know where to start. It’s on the list though!

The point is, it really got me thinking. What skills do I have? What am I passionate about? What do I freaking well adore doing? What can I teach other people?

Truthfully, all this creative brainstorming only took me a few hours. Then I had to get back to doing actual work so I haven’t put any of the ideas into action yet. but I will. I’m also using Leonie’s fantastic meditations in my 100 days of positivity challenge; her ‘best day ever’ ten minute meditation is another freebie when you join the Academy and it’s brilliant for super-charging your day with just that little bit more Je ne sais quoi.

I used it this morning and I’ve got so much done, and I’m in a really good mood. Yeah, it’s a bit hippy and woo-woo but who gives a damn about that when it works. I *am* a bit woo woo. I can live with that.

You can get your paws on the Business Course alone for $79 (I don’t know quite what that is in ££, about £50 I think)

Or you can dive in like I did and go for an Academy membership and get all the e-courses, workbooks, meditation kits, workshops and access to the Facebook page and groups online. That costs a bit more but she does let you pay it monthly as well. I do it every year, and trust me, I don’t sign up to many of these things.


So. Now I just have to give myself some time to write one of my five e-books. Or the sequel to Viva Voluptuous. Or the erotica for curvy women….

PS: There’s also a great affiliate programme, where you can earn money by referring others. Which is another reason I’m telling you about it, because I get a thank you for doing it. But I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t believe in it.




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100 Days of Positivity



I’ve been feeling a bit *meh* lately.

Maybe it’s just winter hangover, or it might be the fact we’ve been dealing with illness in the family and hubby’s job issues. But I don’t want to dwell on that. The fact is, I’ve been feeling grumpy a lot more than I usually do, just lately. And I don’t like it. I used to be fun, right?

So I’ve set myself a little challenge. For 100 days (and more if I can) I plan to turn up the volume on my positivity. Even when I have PMS, or the laptop won’t play nice, or something horrid happens.

I’m not Pollyanna, I know there’s going to be days when I just want to hide under the duvet with a bag of popcorn and not come out ’til tomorrow. but most of the time, there’s no reason for me feeling a bit underwhelmed, it’s just me dwelling on things I have zero control over.

As I was writing this, I got an email through with this message:

“The pursuit of pleasure requires the willingness to reach for the good, no matter the circumstance. Reach for it – you’ll find it.”


So, for at least the next 100 days, this blog, my Facebook and Twitter feeds and all, will be positively brimming with positivity. I’m not going to post anything grumpy, not even if it’s just the obligatory “I can’t sleep” at 3am.

It’s an experiment. Can you REALLY think and talk yourself into being happier?

As well as making my social media and blogs shiny happy places, I have other plans. I’ve been a bit rubbish about self-care – taking time out for myself, no wonder I feel a bit blah. Just ONE thing every day is all it takes to ramp up feelings of positivity and happiness, and I’ve been ignoring them because I have to update a vitally important client blog, or clean the loo.

Blogs and bogs will still need attending to. But if I want to take some time out to watch my favourite DVDs, sing along to Adele songs badly at the top of my voice, read books in coffee shops or just listen to a meditation CD and do a bit of Reiki, then dammit, I will. Nobody is going to miss me if I don’t reply to a Facebook message within 20 minutes but I MISS ME.

Life is meant to be fun. We’re not meant to spend it miserable. I refuse to play the competitive moaning game on Facebook any more.

Are you in?


This video never gets old…




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