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How to have 50 ideas in one afternoon….


It’s no secret that my business Mojo has been a bit depleted lately. It’s all very well being the only woman in the western hemisphere who can make Tokyo bus lanes sound interesting, but I have to be honest, I’m not sure I could do that again if I tried, and worse still, I’m pretty sure I don’t want to.

I invested in membership to the Amazing Biz and Life Academy last year, mainly for the kick-ass business resources, but also because most of the members write bloody inspirational blogs that make me see things differently. Oh, and the meditations are pretty good too. Anyway, I’ve taken on some of the stuff I got from the last six week business course, but I’ve never really sat and worked all the way through it. There’s a brand new one coming out at the end of March, the next steps, and I really fancy getting my money-earning Mojo back as well as my creative juices flowing, so I decided that it was time to dust off the course again (if it’s actually possible to dust off a PDF) and you know, do the work.

Last week I managed to find one afternoon to dedicate to all this brainstorming, and got to work.

I was gobsmacked. Working through the exercises seemed to unleash a torrent of ideas, for ways to get money doing the kind of things I enjoy doing, business ideas, and finally I was left with a list of 50 ways I could make a living and FIVE ideas for ebooks that I could write pretty easily, self publish and get out there into the world.


OK, so some of the ideas might be a little bit more impractical than others.

  • Creating and selling a ‘ditch the diet’ ebook and programme is doable, tricky and time consuming, and a bit of a scary leap out of my comfort zone, but it’s potentially possible.
  • Writing a sequel to Viva Voluptuous is also very doable. (Did I mention the first Ellie Johnstone book is now available to pre-order on download for £3.93?)
  • How about a book of erotica for plus size women? That would be fun! (Must have been feeling fruity that day)
  • Creating events for plus size women? Hmm. I think I could do that, I just need to talk to the right people and we need funding.
  • Starting (or re-branding) a positive, inclusive, intelligent fashion and lifestyle magazine for ALL women? I’d love to. Just don’t know where to start. It’s on the list though!

The point is, it really got me thinking. What skills do I have? What am I passionate about? What do I freaking well adore doing? What can I teach other people?

Truthfully, all this creative brainstorming only took me a few hours. Then I had to get back to doing actual work so I haven’t put any of the ideas into action yet. but I will. I’m also using Leonie’s fantastic meditations in my 100 days of positivity challenge; her ‘best day ever’ ten minute meditation is another freebie when you join the Academy and it’s brilliant for super-charging your day with just that little bit more Je ne sais quoi.

I used it this morning and I’ve got so much done, and I’m in a really good mood. Yeah, it’s a bit hippy and woo-woo but who gives a damn about that when it works. I *am* a bit woo woo. I can live with that.

You can get your paws on the Business Course alone for $79 (I don’t know quite what that is in ££, about £50 I think)

Or you can dive in like I did and go for an Academy membership and get all the e-courses, workbooks, meditation kits, workshops and access to the Facebook page and groups online. That costs a bit more but she does let you pay it monthly as well. I do it every year, and trust me, I don’t sign up to many of these things.


So. Now I just have to give myself some time to write one of my five e-books. Or the sequel to Viva Voluptuous. Or the erotica for curvy women….

PS: There’s also a great affiliate programme, where you can earn money by referring others. Which is another reason I’m telling you about it, because I get a thank you for doing it. But I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t believe in it.




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Goddesses and Business Angels

angel_girl (2)

It’s all getting exciting in Viva Voluptuous world.

I’ve got to do most of the promotion for the book, so pleeeease bear with me while I promote it. I had to let out a big girly squeal of delight today when I had an email from a designer of promotional videos who I’m hoping to work with on book promo and potentially other projects too…the exciting thing about it is that life is definitely imitating art – you’ll just have to read the book to find out why.

A few wonderful people have stepped in to help with ideas and support – bloggers, fellow authors, magazine editors and more. It’s amazing how many fantastic people there are out there with creative ideas and practical help. Don’t ever let anyone tell you the Internet, Facebook, social media or whatever are just for selfies, hookups and grooming young children.

I had some great advice from a local business Facebook group, who’ve put me in touch with some tip top contacts.

I also took some tips from the wonderful women I talk to at the Amazing Biz and Life Academy. Along with ideas, they’ve been creative and supportive, offered to read the book and blog a review for me, and generally come up with a load of things I hadn’t thought of. Who knew that YouTube and video promos were so popular? Excerpts, a chapter of the book as a signup giveaway…these women are total Goddesses when it comes to building a business and getting shiz done. You might think that a group which used to be called ‘Goddess Circle’ would be full of hippies…well, yeah actually there’s rather a lot of hippie-ness going on too, but if you love that kind of thing too, it’s a great place for inspiration and creative genius.

I’m so fired up and inspired today. With the help of the brilliant Create Your Amazing Life & Business Year workbooks, and the practical help from members of the group, I’ve managed to get both sides of the project covered – the practical, business-y part of promoting and selling a book, and making a career as a creative writer, and the spiritual/emotional side.

Is there a spiritual side to business? I think so, especially a creative one. I’ve had a mental block for as long as I can remember that despite the hard work, heart and soul I put into getting the story out of my head and into a readable novel, it wasn’t actually my career. I make money from writing blog posts about tarmac and refrigeration services, not by getting into the zone and writing about the things I love.

The ABLA made me think differently. I *am* a creative writer (how else could I make a blog post about Tokyo Bus Lanes sound interesting) and my passion is stories, and supporting women in loving their wonderful selves no matter what their size or shape. That’s what I love, and what I need to be doing. I’m busting down those blocks one by one…


I’m  REALLY looking forward to working my way through the next business programme from ABLA. I’m not going to lie, I’m an affiliate, and if anyone signs up to the group or buys a product through one of my links, I will get a percentage, which is fab. But I wouldn’t bother telling you about it if it was crap. Promise.




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Stop, breathe, step away from the laptop…

best friendSometimes, something happens that just makes you stop and think.

Today, that thing was, well, two things.

First, I had an email from Donna on the Beach. Donna is bloody lovely and hers is one of the blogs that pings up in my inbox that I pretty much always make time to read, but here she was talking about having a meltdown. The first words of her ‘14 lessons from ye olde meltdowne‘ were:

 When you feel jealous of other people taking time off, it’s a big red sign to TAKE TIME OFF!

Guilty. I get jealous when my beloved has days off to relax, because relax he does. He’s got the whole day off thing sussed, because when he’s not at work, he stays in bed until he feels like getting out, watches videos on YouTube and potters. What do I do?

I check my emails. Sometimes I can’t help myself, I also reply to them and even abandon the day off and do that urgent bit of work instead. Then I decide the flat looks like a tip and have to clean it. I might go into town and pick up some shopping, but not pretty things, food and boring stuff. I do the little errands I have been meaning to get round to while I’ve been working. Then, and only then, I might sit down.

OK, I went to a spa the other day and it was GORGE but I worked on the day I went right up to when the taxi picked me up, checked my emails when I was there, and as soon as I got home the following day I was on the laptop. I had 24 hours respite. Then I had a stupidly busy week and now I feel like I didn’t go at all, although when I think about that Indian Head Massage I had, I do go off into my own little world.

So. The second thing.

I did some more of my 2014 Amazing Life Workbook this afternoon. Have you got yours yet? These li’l workbooks are fabulous for concentrating your mind, and so pretty. I purposely started with ‘life’ rather than ‘work’ and my lists were…um…revealing.

This Year I Give Myself Permission To…

  • Take some time off
  • Look after myself
  • Do things that I want to do
  • Escape and read books
  • Walk with my ipod on
  • Sit and think
  • Have fun without having to work for it first
  • Spoil myself
  • Release negative people from my life

Do you think the universe, or maybe just my subconscious, might be trying to tell me something?




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It’s that time of year…

…No,not another book plug.125x125-animated

Time for me to take stock and sit in front of my Amazing Biz and Life Workbooks and decide what the freaking hell I want to do with 2014.

I loved the 2013 Workbooks but I didn’t get around to filling them all in. Partly because I just didn’t get around to it, but also because they had to be printed out, and I’m never good at filling that stuff in. So imagine my squeals of delight when I found out that this years workbooks come in a cool downloadable PDF format that you can type directly into AND for those of you that want something pretty two write in, you can but them on Amazon too. Or you can print them off as usual and write on them in a pretty, glittery felt tip if that floats your boat.

I started with the LIFE workbook because that’s where I neglect things. I do the work and the bits before, after and between tend to get crowded out by deadlines. I also thought it was more fun to talk about that on the blog as a lot of the things I’ve looked back at about 2013 have been related to the Gorgeously Full Fat blog and book.

I’ve started by looking back at 2013, to say goodbye to it. I won’t actually be too sad to wave goodbye. I’m not one of those people who posts “Good riddance to a crap year” on Facebook, but Lordy, for my family, my friends and my bank account, this one’s been hard work. What has it taught me? well this is what I wrote in the workbook:

“Honesty works better than pretending to be someone I’m really not. People accept me as I am, I don’t have to pretend I’m happy when I’m sad, or that I care about things I don’t.

I can have an opinion that’s different to someone else’s and they will still like me.  If they don’t – it’s tough, and their problem.
I am way more resilient than I thought I was…”

I also wrote:

“I learned that I really need to start to take care of ME. Nobody else is responsible for my wellbeing.
I realised just how much I need ME time and often don’t get it.
I realised I don’t have to be perfect.
Honesty is really the way to go – in blogs, in books and in real life.”

Scary stuff, huh? But on the plus side:

What am I proud of?

  • Keeping it together when times have been really shitty.
  • Publishing the book
  • Never giving up, and trying to stay positive
  • Being able to help mum and dad out as much as possible, and feeling like I’m useful.
  • Organising a wedding single-handedly
  • Dealing with work/money problems and not letting them break me
  • Coming up with so many new ideas for things to do in work and life

The next step is starting work on what I want from 2014….I’m just going to leave it there for a day or so….

If you fancy doing this sort of thing too, but you think it might be pricey, don’t panic, you can get the whole lot for about £8 or they are £5 separately. Yep, really. Less than a couple of lattes. I’m damn well doing it this year, you watch me!


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Extreme Self Care

selfcareIt’s a bit of a buzzword at the moment, or should that be a ‘buzz-phrase’?

Extreme self care sounds like it’s probably way over the top. Too much. Not for the likes of us, but for hippy types who have nothing better to do than sit around chanting and meditating.

I kind of thought it was a bit self indulgent, to be honest. Selfish even. I mean, the thought of being selfish, putting my needs first and just doing things for me – like I’d have time, right?

Well, after having a lovely chat with Donna Highton, otherwise known as Donna on the Beach, I realised that I had it all wrong. Looking after yourself is vital, and even more so when you’re busy as hell and don’t think you have the time to go for a wee, let alone indulge yourself and chill out.

Don’t think so? Neither did I until this week. But Donna explained to me in words that even a stressed out copywriter can understand. I came across Donna via The Amazing Biz and Life group, and I love her for being down to earth, practical, funny and even a little bit sweary. If you have a car that you need to get you to work and back, you make sure it’s filled with fuel, serviced and taken care of. If you try and run the car on vapours and neglect it, eventually it will just stop running and won’t be in any state to get you anywhere. Well, the same goes for your body and soul. All the time you’re not taking care of your body and soul, running on empty, not making sure you get what you need, you’re just buying time until your body just says, “Sod this, I can’t go any further”

That’s when you get poorly, catch a cold, have a bit of a meltdown, and if you’re actually listening, you’ll realise that you’re being told to sit the hell down and rest. Eat some decent food and watch TV, dammit! If you carry on, and on…well, you’re going to crash.

I realised I’m at the “Listen to me, will you?” point. I’m trying to deal with the symptoms of lots of little pesky ailments, but the underlying cause is stress. And funnily enough, much as I REALLY hate to admit it, my diet. I’ve cut wheat out of my diet as an experiment, after reading ‘Wheat Belly’ – and I haven’t needed to take acid reflux pills for two days, my tummy has settled down, and I think my skin rash is clearing up…the one I’ve had a YEAR which hasn’t responded to anything yet. This makes me SO happy.

Even if I miss cake. Anyway, the food experiment was just a part of my self-care routine. I’ve also been trying to do something nice for myself every day, whether it’s an hour reading a book, going for a walk in the park, or listening to a meditation MP3. It’s working, I feel happier, more creative and more productive already. I think I’ve gone from a 2 out of 10 in the “How cared for do you feel?” to at least a 5.

I love that I actually listened to Donna on this! She has a fab e-book you can download for free if you sign up to her blog; and also the 110 Steps to Heal Your Money e-book is free this weekend. I’m working my way through the money e-book because, well, I have a wedding to pay for… I’ll keep you posted on how the wheat-avoidance goes, but if a little bit of diet-tweaking can cure three ailments in one go, I’m gonna be a happy girl…


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Amazing Academy…

Academy-125x250You know what really annoys me about business and money coaching programmes? I get loads of these things in my email and they sound so freaking tempting.

“Max your business potential!”

“Don’t miss out on a six-figure income”

These programmes are clearly targeted at people with a small-ish business, who want to move a step up. Fabulous. Trouble is, they are so bloody expensive! I got one through this afternoon, this entrepreneur tempted me onto her mailing list with a few freebies and has been sending me unmissable business coaching programme opportunities ever since. I decided to look at the link today and you want to know what she’s asking for her words of wisdom?


OK, in real money I make that £625.

I don’t have a spare £600-plus rattling around, honey, that’s why I need wealth coaching! *big sigh*

That’s why I love the Amazing Biz and Life Academy, and why I’m going to be spending all afternoon catching up on my homework and checking out all the business and life-related chats I’m behind on. Sometimes, when I get seduced in by tempting offers to make zillions, with strap lines like, “Are you closing the door on your destiny” it’s easy to forget that I have a perfect, supportive and much less expensive resource to play with.

Leonie Dawson has created something that’s changing the lives and businesses of SO many women around the world in a way that’s never been seen before, and at the moment you can join the Academy for just $199. That’s £124, but you can pay it over three months if you haven’t got it all in one go. You get access to the FULL course up front as well, so no worries that you have to wait three months for it.

Mostly, I’ve been working on the business side of the Academy…which is what’s been spurring me on to develop the blog, write a book and a mini e-book and find new ways to grow my business too. I’ve added Power Reiki, I’m thinking about my next move for Gorgeously Full Fat (still under wraps until I’ve, well, um decided what to do) and I’m planning to qualify in EFT next year, by which time I’ll have another novel published.

I’ve found some amazing people – Leonie, Denise Duffield Thomas, Mary Joyce and Cara Wilde to name a few, Mary is helping me market and grow my business, and increase my blog, social media and mailing list numbers. Cara introduced me to EFT and I have some wonderful MP3s she’s given me. Denise is my go-to lady for anything money-related.

I haven’t used the Academy to anything like its full potential yet – I haven’t had the time to work on becoming a Radiant Goddess, developing my creativity or creating my little haven yet. It’s all there though. I have done some of the energy work and I still use some of the techniques Leonie teaches now.

There’s also a generous affiliate scheme which I have mentioned being a part of before, which makes it easy to make your money back from commission payments.

BusinessGoddess-200x200So why am I mentioning all this now and not over on the website, chatting to like minded creative souls?

Well, a few people have asked me about the Academy and wanted to know more; and the prices are going up after this month. DOUBLE. It’s still a lot more affordable than pie in the sky wealth creation courses that probably just create wealth for the people that run them, but it’s not going to be £124 for long. I think, also, that if you join now, you get to renew at the price you joined after a year if you like it.

It’s not magic, you get out what you put in but the tools, support and resources are all pretty fabulous.

Right, I had better get back over there, I’m looking for some more ideas about how to actually make a bit of money that don’t include begging for copy writing work…you’ll thank me one day, I promise!



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