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beautiful-magWhat do you REALLY want from a magazine?

I’m thinking long and hard about what to put in the first issue of Beautiful magazine, what’s going to catch your attention and make you feel bloody great when you read it. The thing is, circulation figures seem to point to the fact that women like to be bullied, criticised and humiliated into feeling bad enough to buy stuff to make themselves conform, so is that what women ¬†really want to read?

That’s not what we’re about at all. So will we be the magazine that you pick up when you’re browsing, will you be tempted to download a copy and see what it’s all about, or are you already planning to support the magazine no matter what because you, like us, believe that it’s about freaking time there was a body positive, totally accepting and inclusive magazine for women, designed to entertain, inspire and make you think, without the self-flagellation?

I’m at the point where I have to start planning out the first issue and hoping we can raise enough pennies to actually make it happen, and I want to get this right, for all of us. So, what do you actually WANT to read? What sort of lifestyle, fashion and beauty do you want? How about some positive psychology, spirituality, relationships, sex, careers, home, travel, personalities and good old fashioned feminism?

It’s all going to be in there but is there anything you think we’ve missed?

It’s your chance to help shape what’s going to be the biggest magazine launch of 2014.



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