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Impassioned plea…


Hey gorgeous GFF subscribers, it’s been a long, long time.

That’s because the blog has moved, and for annoying techie reasons, you got left behind.

Bit I really miss you!

If you could take a couple of minutes and pop on over to the new blog at Gorgeously Full Fat  and just pop your email in the box on the top left hand corner, you’ll get your updates back, I’ll get my subscribers back, and I’ll be inspired to make lots more posts because I know there’s someone out there actually reading this stuff!

Thanks gorgeous people. I’ll male it worth your while, promise!


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We’ve moved!


Hello lovelies!

The Gorgeously Full Fat blog and website has moved. we’re now at and we’re going to start adding lots more content really soon.

The only problem is…uh…when we transferred the blog across, I lost all the subscribers. If you still want to get lovely updates and wonderful goodies from the blog (and there’s plenty planned after such a long down time) could you be a darling and pop over to the new site at: and add your name to the email subscribers list on the right?

Thanks ever so!

I’ll be in touch again soon…

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Please ignore my last post!

I was experimenting for another novel…I’m writing another tentative novel and trying to brain dump some ideas for it….and I kind of added it to the wrong blog when it should have been added to the private one I’m using for ideas!

All my blogs are being moved around as part of a new project so things are getting confusing.


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Double the fun


Look what I’ve got!

Downloaded it at the weekend and it’s going to be the next stage in my master plan.

Viva Voluptuous is out on Friday, I’m in the middle of writing “The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Writing Your Book”  and I’m using the latest masterpiece from the Amazing Biz and Life Academy to get my writing biz back on track and in synch with my Gorgeously Full Fat brand.

Busy times. If you need me, I’ll be the one in the corner with my nose in an ebook.

Wish me luck with Viva Voluptuous!

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Early release!


Viva Voluptuous was released early onto Amazon yesterday and sold out!  You can still pre-order it, and I expect there will be more on Amazon soon….


April 9, 2014 · 9:35 am

May Contain Fewer Zs

Sounds so familiar!!!

Fierce, Freethinking Fatties

Weight LossFat HealthExerciseMy Boring-Ass LifeDickweedDiet Talk

Please join us in welcoming our newest blogging candidate, Chelle. She will be submitting three guest posts before we vote on her inclusion.

Trigger warning: Discussion of multiple weight loss attempts.

I hate my story. I find it simultaneously boring and complex and, more than that, I’m always worried about coming across as whinging. It’s been a long 32 years. A lot of shit’s gone down, in the words of Jay-Z (probably), most of which I could legitimately claim perpetuated my poor relationship with food and with my body. Have you ever found yourself inadvertently in a game of “Crap that’s Happened to Me Top Trumps” with somebody? I hold all the damn cards in that game to the point where it starts to sound like I am making it all up.

Hell, if I were on the hatefest that is The Biggest Loser they’d have a hard time…

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Full Fat Fashion


It worked! Looks like I’m getting to the Plus Size Fashion Weekend in London after all! I have to confess I’m feeling a wee bit nervous about it, hoping there will be some fabulous plus size fashion bloggers there, some of the women I’ve charted to on Twitter and mentioned on the blog.

I’ll be reporting back after the event, hopefully I’ll get some fab pics and a heads up on what’s going to be hot in 2014, with independents along with the big names like Evans and Simply Be. I can’t wait for the fashion show.

The press day is on Friday, where you’ll no doubt find me trying on, or at the very least, lusting after, some of the hottest plus size designs for 2014. If you’re going to be there, give me a shot and let’s compare notes over a glass of bubbly. See you there!

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