Fit and fat

Lazy and Unfit?

Big people aren’t limited to sofa-surfing and competitive Kettle Chip eating, you know? You really can do whatever takes your fancy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bit overweight, a lot overweight, or haven’t exercised since before the Spice Girls broke up, there’s something you can try and we all have to start somewhere.

“There is always a way”


“Exercise is very important to me,” says Gabrielle C, right, “It helps me physically and mentally feel so much better. At my current weight of 310lbs, impact exercise like running (my old go to exercise) is impossible since I have a bad knee. But, I keep looking to adapt to my situation.

“I finally found an exercise program called T-Tapp that allows me to do both cardio and strength moves without any impact. It has been a Godsend to me. But, when I was at 329lbs I actually joined a kettlebell training program. The men in the program were super supportive of me. The woman were catty. Especially when my 329lbs. body could workout harder and longer than they could! Exercise is so important. Just because you are larger doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exercise!! There is always a way!”


3 responses to “Fit and fat

  1. I love it. You adapted and found a way to get the same work out in. Most people sit on the sideline until they heal. You kept going. Good job

  2. Maggie Bonnett

    I don’t think that fit people can be classed as fat! I’m well fit, well lovely, a tad on the voluptuous side and well into my 50’s. I fling myself around a community hall twice a week doing Zumba because the music is good and I feel great afterwards, I try not to eat too many wrong things but get as much of the right things down my throat as I can manage. I enjoy a laugh , a drink and a chocolate pudding. I feel good! how can anyone call that ‘fat’?

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