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Impassioned plea…


Hey gorgeous GFF subscribers, it’s been a long, long time.

That’s because the blog has moved, and for annoying techie reasons, you got left behind.

Bit I really miss you!

If you could take a couple of minutes and pop on over to the new blog at Gorgeously Full Fat  and just pop your email in the box on the top left hand corner, you’ll get your updates back, I’ll get my subscribers back, and I’ll be inspired to make lots more posts because I know there’s someone out there actually reading this stuff!

Thanks gorgeous people. I’ll male it worth your while, promise!


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Do you want to know a secret?


Well, come closer, then.

If you’ve been following me a while, maybe even before my Gorgeously Full Fat days, and you might even SHOCK HORROR know me in real life, you’ll have noticed I’ve really stepped up the blogging, social media and generally getting-myself-out-there side of my personality in the last year or so.

I haven’t had a complete personality revamp. Underneath all this bravado I’m actually a bit shy and self-deprecating. My beloved Moley will tell you that. But I’ve developed a new business Mojo, partly because I have had to, and partly because I discovered the powerhouse of creative and supportive awesomeness that is Leonie Dawson.

I’ve talked about her to other people – some of them love her to bits and others think that the Biz and Life Academy is a pile of hippy woo-woo, but for me, it’s really given me the knowledge and support to start being real, authentic and actually writing truthful stuff on blogs and forums instead of what I think you might like to hear. I’d never have had the guts to pour my heart out in my Life Story posts (I haven’t finished that yet) without a  supportive butt kick from the group.

I joined mostly for the business resources, and I’ve also downloaded the fabulous Creativity e-course too, to flex my muscles a bit more. Too many hours spent writing IBS copy for a pharma company can dull a girl’s sparkle. I haven’t gone through the course yet but it’s dang well on my to-do list.

Leonie is a HUGE believer in sharing too, and she runs an absolutely spankingly generous affiliate scheme that gives you a cut of any money you make for her. I’ll be totally honest and say I’ve more than made back the cost of my membership in the year I have been part of the gang, and I was so chuffed that I signed up for another year. Yep, it’s that good. You can download some fabulous freebies if you fancy a quick looksie at what the courses are all about (I worked out you get over £2300 worth of goodies for £120 roughly, and you get to make that back if you join the affiliate scheme too) and I’m going to be blogging a bit more about it so’s you can all find out about it if you’re interested but still not QUITE sure.

Leonie’s a hugely successful business owner who’s created her own half million dollar a year company in the space of a few hours a day (she’s a mama + really honours work-life balance). What’s more, she’s heart-centered, honest, a bit of a swear bear (okay, a LOT of a swear bear!) and a total open book about what works and what doesn’t.

Her Amazing Biz and Life Academy is something that just hasn’t been done anywhere else before – she gives away her business, marketing, meditation, spirituality, creativity, health and home programs for a ridiculously tiny price – all because she wants to help as MANY women as possible have their own amazing lives and businesses.

There are some fabulous tools for anyone who wants to learn to meditate, or use energy healing techniques. motivational videos and LOADS more. I love it, and it’s so freaking huge that if I didn’t have to pay bills I’d sit on the laptop all day chatting to like minded people and coming up with business ideas. I think of it as my version of LinkedIn for hippy chicks…

Here’s a bit of Leonie on learning stuff, overcoming what’s holding you back, and why luck doesn’t come into it – you have to DO stuff.


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Samantha Brick and the Daily Mail Media Monster

I’m going to start by saying something you probably wouldn’t expect, given that La Brick indirectly called me a failure yesterday by Brick2virtue of my size. I don’t think that she’s as bad as we all think she is.

If I were to write a really good article for the Daily Mail on why it’s perfectly OK to be fat, and how I enjoy my life, have a happy relationship and I’m pretty healthy even at a size 22, you can bet your sweet ass that their journos would twist it so that it poked fun at me, or had me saying that I was a miserable fatty who hated myself and couldn’t run up a flight of stairs if my life depended on it.

Samantha Brick knows she is onto a good thing.  She writes deliberately controversial articles designed to really wind people up. The Daily Mail pays her for this because they KNOW how much it winds people up, so we’ll comment, share on Facebook and Twitter and write blogs about it like this. We’re all at fault, yes, even me.

Sam can’t see that her cash cow will soon get fed up with her, and before they have tired of her “I’m so beautiful” persona, she will have become a one-trick pony and a figure of derision. It’s gonna be a self-fulfilling prophecy, Sam. Keep upsetting everyone and they really won’t like you. And it won’t be because we are all so super-jealous of your looks, it will be because we’re sick to death of hearing about how much better than everyone else you seem to think you are!

I couldn’t possibly be jealous of a woman who thinks it’s OK to buy a house with no kitchen because she’s so terrified of eating. Or that it’s perfectly normal to diet so savagely four times a year that she has no energy to work. Or that her odd-looking husband is totally reasonable when he threatens that if she gains weight he’ll divorce her.

We’ll never agree. I’m an overweight woman who hasn’t got a modicum of self-respect, and who shows every sign of being a failure, stuffed under my size 22 tunic top. But I wonder…who’s really happier….


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