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Eden Miller makes history…

…so, have you heard of Eden Miller?

Eden is the talk of New York, apparently, after designing and showing the first ever plus size collection to grace the Fashion Week runways. I loved this picture of Eden – I want that dress!

Eden Miller

Eden, who has been designing for 25 years, said that she was invited to show her Spring 2014 collection by the Fashion Law Institute, an organisation that supports  talented designers without the resources to put on their own show, to stage a show. Eden was thrilled, calling the opportunity, “a wonderful opportunity for showing the legitimacy of plus-size fashion. It is real fashion. It can be measured in the same way that other kinds of fashion can be.”

Susan Scafidi of the Fashion Law Institute said that when she met Eden, she was wearing one of her dresses,and her first thought was, “nice collection — I wish she made it in my size.”

 I wanted to get some images from GPS Fashion Radar so that I could show you her designs. The summer 2013 collection is up on the Cabiria website, and is really cute, but I wanted to see images of the catwalk show. There aren’t any up there. I thought I’d check out the Mercedes Benz Official Fashion Week website and see if I could find anything on there instead.

Francesca in Orange

Nope. She’s not listed under ‘Browse Our Designers’ under her own name or the collection name. Bugger.

Ah well. I can tell you that from what I’ve seen Cabiria is all about bright, in your face prints, the type of print that fat girls were pretty much told to avoid twenty years ago (which is probably why I love them so much). The lines are simple and cut to flatter chunky girls, but not in a ‘hide me away’ kinda way, more a ‘here I am and don’t I look fabulous?’ way. I am a li’l bit in love with the Francesca in Orange design from last season, even though bright orange and me have never been friends.

I missed out of getting to Plus North last weekend, something I’m actually incredibly pissed off about. I was hoping to meet up with the gorgeous and talented Miss Difusa (note to self, it’s soon going to be tights season…) and the lovely Michelle from FatPhrocks too. I was dying to meet some of the fabulous plus-size bloggers I’ve been following, but sadly the tickets, travel and accommodation put it out of my price range. Next year, when I’m rich, I’m going along with my camera and I’m going to have a bloody great time!


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